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Hello, Weekend!

image via pinterest
image via pinterest

Happy Friday! 

How are things? Did you have a good week? This weekend I’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with friends and working on a pretty exciting post coming next week on The Everygirl! What are you up to the next few days? Whatever your plans, hopefully this week’s link roundup kicks off your weekend right! 

  1. If it’s even remotely warm where you live (ahem- hey Chicago- 40 degrees!) you should make these for your St. Patty’s day party (substitute green fruit, of course!)
  2.  I might be jumping the gun, but I’ve already started passively online shopping for bathing suits. I know you’re in the same boat, so you should check this site out! This one in particular is one of my favorites.
  3. Look no further for your weekend project. This might be the best DIY I’ve seen in a long time. 
  4. Hey Mean Girls lovers, this fun fact will make you feel REALLY old. So. Fetch. 
  5. If project #3 wasn’t cool enough for you, you’ll definitely want to do this. I lied, this is actually the best DIY I’ve seen in a long time. 
  6. Home made microwave potato chips? Um, OKAY. 
  7. This Etsy shop is not to be missed. Their totes are perfect for a weekend getaway. 
  8. Treat yourself to a new skirt this weekend. If this one had a Facebook, I’d totally be stalking it. 
  9. 10 tips on how to be a ridiculously stylish person, per Beyonce & Tom Ford. 
  10. If you’re always in a hurry and leave things looking like a tornado came through (shameless confession: I’m totally talking about me) this will change your life

Have a great weekend!