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Meet June

Jul 7, 2021

Shes here | newborn baby

She’s here! She’s here!


You officially have a new internet niece!!

As I’m sure you have guessed by the abrupt radio silence, our sweet girl decided to arrive a little bit early! (I have been meaning to get this “announcement” post up for two weeks!!)

June Margaret Loftus was born at 12:17am on June 23rd! She was 7 pounds 7 oz and 20 inches of absolute perfection. (She is two weeks today! Happy two week birthday, Junebug!) She is already a pretty determined little girl–she made up her mind that she wanted out. And she didn’t want to wait any longer to meet us! I started having what I thought were cramps (turns out they were contractions that escalated quite quickly) around 4:45pm, we left for the hospital by 6pm, and she was born just after midnight at 12:17! Luckily she waited JUST long enough for me to finish my lash extension appointment. And for Neal to finish his important meetings downtown!

We are so obsessed with her. She’s the sweetest baby, and we are all doing great. Of course, there have been many difficult, messy moments too, but there have been a lot more “I can’t believe she’s here and she’s ours” tears more than anything else!

It’s so true what they say that “nothing can truly prepare you” (and I mean that in the best way possible!)

The first week was a roller coaster–these postpartum hormones are NO JOKE, but I’m definitely feeling like they’ve started to level out and I feel more and more like “Jess” every day. This second week we’re definitely feeling more into a little groove and we’ve been able to catch our breath a little bit! Also, my mom just arrived and will be staying with us for a week, so that has already been great! ?(She took the night shift last night and then Neal took over early morning, so I got to sleep for more than 8 hours straight and it was amazing.)

So–this is a short and sweet post saying that I’m signing off from regular posting for now! If you haven’t read my “how I plan to approach my self-employed maternity leave” post, give that a read for what I’m thinking over the next few months–not sure when I’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming, I’m just taking things as they come and trying to soak up every moment with her!

Here are some photos we’ve taken over the past two weeks! The first several I took myself at the hospital–I forgot the memory card for my big camera, so I actually took these on my iPhone with portrait mode on my iPhone tripod! (I think they’re my best iPhone photos yet!)

Shes here | newborn baby

daddy and newborn | Shes here

family photo with newborn baby | Shes here

father looking at newborn baby couple with newborn baby

And a few more that I’ve taken over the past two weeks.

Shes here

June Margaret Loftus

topless daddy feeding baby with milk mommy feeding newborn with milk in bottle newborn baby 2021 newborn baby feet 2021 newborn babies in 2021 dad kissing baby on the head

Love you guys! So thankful for all of your love and support!

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