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Happy Birthday, Neal!

Feb 16, 2017

29 years ago today, a little boy named Neal Patrick Loftus was brought into the world! On this day every year, I am so thankful for this fact! How drastically different (and sad) my life would be if those cards hadn’t fallen into place perfectly.

Tonight, I’m making one of his favorites for dinner–short ribs with mashed potatoes! This time I’m trying them out in the crockpot–I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

And for today’s post, in honor of this guy, I rounded up some of my favorite photos of him (and the two of us) throughout the years. Care to join me in a walk down memory lane ;-P

This was, I believe, the first photo I ever took of him when we were dating. This was our first “real” date at Frontier. It’s so funny to look back and realize how young we were! Look at that frat boy hair 😉

Our first night out in Charleston right after we got engaged. I was still like IS THIS SERIOUSLY HAPPENING!!!

At our engagement party. We had a taco bar, and one of my BFFs made us bride and groom sombreros!

Neal and baby Emma when she was only two weeks old! (The baby whisperer.) 

Obligatory boat selfie while on vacation in West Palm Beach for our friends wedding! 

Does this need a caption? 

More wedding selfies. We have too many to count 😛

I wasn’t scared for our future children until we did a face swap. It didn’t go well. 

Right after closing on our house!! 

Another post-engagement photo from Charleston 

Another one of my favorites 🙂 

Yes, we do have matching glasses. This is what happens when you live together.

Our first St. Patrick’s Day together! I tried to take a car bomb to impress him and it didn’t go well. 

At the James Taylor concert the night before we left for Paris 🙂

My favorite photo of him of all time. This was his reaction when I was walking into the courtyard right before he proposed.

Another from St. Patrick’s Day #1. Note the purple wall in my apartment. 

I call this our “if you could sum up our relationship in one photo” photo. 

Attending the Bears-Packers game years ago!

One of my personal favorites. I was out of town and he heard my roommates were puppy sitting, so he ran there to see the puppy and sent me this photo. I was like “what are you doing in my house with a strange puppy?!”

Andddd the best for last. Making fun of me and doing his best fashion blogger impression while in Mexico.

Happy birthday, honey!

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