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Guest Post: Carole Baskin’s Cool Cat Clothing Picks for Spring

Mar 31, 2020

big Cat Clothing Picks

Hey all you cool cats and kittens!

Carole Baskin here today taking over the blog. For those of you who don’t know me, I am the founder of Big Cat Rescue–recently made popular by the Netflix show “Tiger King.”

Unfortunately, while that show did NOT get things right and has no regard for the truth …(I did NOT kill my husband and feed him to my tigers…)  what I assure you IS “spot-on” ????????are these fun-loving “big cat” clothing picks that you’re going to love to wear this spring!! 


[ggheading style=”light” size=”1″ text=”Carole’s Big Cat Clothing Picks”]


So, my first pick are these special-edition Golden Goose sneakers, (although I prefer the name “Golden Cat”–LOL!!!) complete with “Big Cat” inspired trim.

What’s so special about these, you ask? Why are they $450? Well, that’s because they are soiled with Armani the Leopard’s manure––one of our most beloved cats here at Big Cat Rescue. A true treasure, worthy of every penny!

For more goods featuring Armani, click here to shop our Big Cat Rescue Giftshop! 

MEEE-OW!! This gorgeous beaded headband is everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I know I prefer hippie headbands, but this really gets me out of my comfort zone in a great way. I know $155 but luckily we still had some money left over from suing Joe Exotic, and you know what they say…”treat yo-self!”

This beautiful bucket hat bears an uncanny resemblance to the spots on my favorite Jaguar, Manny! Great for keeping the sun out of my face while I’m muckin’ cages all day!

I was so glad to see these sandals (one of Jess’ favorites) came out in a big cat print, because now I can wear them! (As you know, I exclusively wear cat-related prints). The perfect thing for all you cats trying to get outta dodge once this pandemic is over!

While there is no hugging of big cats allowed at Big Cat Rescue, the second best thing is this cardigan, which just feels like a big ole MEOW MEOW hug!!!

What’s better than a silk neck scarf? A silk neck scarf with OCELOTS ON IT!!

**Note: The delicate silk fabric will be ruined if you spill Sardine oil on it, so please do exercise caution.***

I love this little bracelet because it represents two of my favorite things––the puka shell for the state of Florida and of course, the big cat print. This hemp necklace trend has become extra popular based on the rising popularity of other Netflix hit, “Love is Blind”––where they made all contestants on the show wear matching hemp necklaces! How fun!!

There’s a reason this J.Crew sweatshirt caught my eye, and it’s not because it’s the perfect thing to wear to work from home, it’s because the print is strikingly similar to the loincloth my third husband, Howard, wore when we got married on the beach. Brings tears to my eyes, what a special day! (You can read our love story on the Big Cat Blog here!)

I love this little thing that keeps my white zin cool as a cucumber on my evening strolls with Howard to check on all the big cats! Tip: Get a handy dandy lid so you don’t spill while riding your bike!

This little bag adds a powerful punch to any outfit–like our fiesty cat, Kewlona, at Big Cat Rescue! It’s small but roomy enough to hold all the essentials–like rabbits to feed the big cats. Bonus: The purse strap detaches, so it can double as a leash for your husband! (Like my Howard pictured below on our wedding day!)

Joe Exotic Tiger King Top 10 moments and highlights - Crimson And ...

These loafers were inspired by Big Cat Rescue’s song and music video “Young Wild and Free” by artist Terez Hartmann––over four minutes of pure bliss to the ears!

Because she was so deeply touched by her experience with the magnificent cats of Big Cat Rescue, Terez chose to write a song to honor these amazing creatures. These loafers pay homage to her beautiful work.

If you’ve made it to the bottom of this post, happy April Fools Day!!! ????????

Maybe one day we can have Carole on the blog for real. Please feel free to share with any fellow cool cats and kittens who could use a laugh right now!! 

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