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Grandma Loftus’ Stovetop Popcorn

Grandma Loftus' Stovetop Popcorn

What better way to lean into the holiday cheer than STOVETOP POPCORN and a holiday movie!?

I thought there was no time like the present to re-post the recipe for Grandma Loftus’ amazing stovetop popcorn.

(Side note if you’re looking for a great cheesy Christmas movie to go with it, I give two thumbs up to Holiday in the Wild on Netflix. June and I watched it this weekend and we give it an A+)

Neal and I are both big on stovetop popcorn. I grew up with my dad making it, and he grew up with his grandma making it! Therefore, we eat a lot of it in our house. My dad has always been more of a popcorn purist–straight butter and salt. (Along with Junior Mints mixed in. A delicious but quirky dad-like touch. ♥️)

But Grandma Loftus–she had the real deal figured out. I think her stovetop popcorn takes the cake–she made it just a LITTLE bit differently, and her touch makes it extra tasty and a lot more special.

I have shared her popcorn on my stories a few different times and I always get asked, “How does Grandma Loftus make her popcorn again!?” so I thought it deserved its own post.

Sadly I never got to meet Grandma Loftus, but she was an amazing woman beloved by all, and whenever Neal makes me her popcorn–I like to think I can feel a little bit of her love infused into it. (I think you will too!) And who couldn’t use some extra Grandma love?!

Here’s how to make it:

Grandma Loftus’ Stovetop Popcorn: 


It’s very simple, all you need are popcorn kernels, good butter (strongly recommend that it be Kerrygold Irish Butter!) and Lawrey’s Seasoning Salt!

How to make it:

Pop the corn:

Drizzle a little bit of oil in a pot of your choice (should be a deeper, medium-sized pot) and heat over medium-high heat. Pour in the popcorn kernels (we have tried lots of fancy kernels but honestly, Orville Redenbacher’s classic kernels are the best!) Cover with a lid. Wait for them to pop–when the kernels fill up to the top, pour most of the popped kernels out quickly. And then cover the pot back up with the lid so the remaining kernels can continue popping–keep doing this until all the kernels are popped. (If you don’t pour them out as they pop, you’ll risk burning the kernels that have already popped).

Melt the butter:

Melt a generous amount of Kerrygold Irish Butter (or any other good quality butter–You want to splurge on the good stuff!) in the microwave. Once melted, drizzle some over the popcorn. Toss the popcorn, then pour a little more. Toss the popcorn, and continue until all the kernels are well-coated! Pro tip: err on the side of more butter than you think you need! (There’s no such thing as too much butter on your popcorn!)

The finishing touch:

Finally, sprinkle Lawrey’s seasoning salt over the top, continuing to toss just like you did with the butter, until each kernel has some Lawrey’s on it!

I hope you enjoy! If you make a batch, I’d love to see! Tag me at @jesskeys_ so I can reshare on my stories! ☺️ (And so I can see what holiday movie you’re watching!)