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Channeling Blair Waldorf

Sweater: Madewell via ShopBop (c/o) (on sale! Woo woo!)  // Thigh high socks: Forever 21 (also been eyeing these fleece lined (yes FLEECE LINED) ones from ShopBop// Pleated skirt: (c/o) (get 25% off when you use code ‘jesskeys’ through the end of Feb) // Bracelet: Ruche // Watch: Anne Klein // Sunnies: Anne Klein // Silver oxfords: Tom’s (c/o) // Mini satchel: Shopbop (c/o)

So, this post is pretty awesome because there are A LOT of coincidences here.

All having to do with Blair Waldorf.

SO, first, everyone tells me I look like Leighton Meester (aka Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl) and thus, Kelly has begun starting to call me Blair. (Which is confusing, because we frequently hang out with Blair, who is actually named Blair.)

Second, I’m wearing this adorable skirt from Fevrie (by the way, get 25% off  through the end of February when you use code ‘jesskeys) which is a lot like the one that Blair wears as part of her uniform for Constance Billiard (I know my Gossip Girl fans are still with me.) The funny part, guess what it’s called? Yep, the Waldorf skirt.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Guess where we did this shoot (seriously, by pure coincidence).

The WALDORF Astoria hotel. SERIOUSLY.

Photos by Kelly Larkin

Anyway, because I wanted to mix things up and NOT look like I was ready to return from winter break my junior year of high school, I decided to add on this sweater (I had been eyeing it forever, and now it’s actually on sale!) and some metallic silver oxfords (they’re TOM’s! Can you believe it!?). These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, and my first pair of Oxfords! Which by the way, if you’re in Chicago, you should stop by the new Tom’s store in Wicker Park. They’ve got a coffee shop inside and it’s puppy friendly!

Also a funny side note: What you DON’T see here is that we originally tried to take these photos on the street instead of the courtyard (which was REALLY windy) and the wind was blowing so hard that my skirt got excited and decided it would look better up near my waist rather than covering my bum. So much that I’m pretty sure all of the gold coast could tell what color underwear I was wearing. Oh well! I would say let’s ask Kelly for some outtakes, but those probably be too inappropriate for the internet.

Have a great Wednesday!



(Haha, get it?!)

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