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The Fields of Michigan review + South Haven guide

The Fields of Michigan

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And now, for part two of our “camping” trip guide! (If you missed part one, you can read it right here!)

Granted, this is the point in the journey where we went from “camping” to “glamping” upon arrival at The Fields of Michigan! So I suppose this should be my “glamping guide.”

Let me back up to tell you a little bit about how this all began.

Back in the spring (I think it was April? May? What was time in those early days of lockdown?) Neal and I came to the realization that “vacations” this summer were going to change as we knew them. We typically do a big European vacation every year, but that was definitely not happening. Getting on a plane wasn’t an option. Going to a fun new city wasn’t an option. Basically, the only option we were left with was either renting a lake house (turns out, they were all already booked) and somewhere out in the wilderness.

Glamping Review: The Fields of Michigan

I found the amazing Vine Van on Outdoorsy, but being someone who has never liked the idea of camping, I was afraid to commit to FOUR nights sleeping in a van (in hindsight, it was so fun and I can’t wait to do it again–but we didn’t know I’d feel that way then!)

Neal being the resourceful man that he is, did a little research and came across The Fields of Michigan–which is comprised of 10 canvas glamping tents on a blueberry farm in the countryside of South Haven, Michigan. He suggested we end our trip there, and I was sold. We thought it would be the perfect in-between! Safe enough for a socially distanced, unplugged vacation, yet with ALLL the modern comforts you don’t get with camping, and none of the work! (Oh! And they’re dog friendly, too!)

We actually loved it SO MUCH that we booked another two-night stay there before they close in October. I cannot say enough good things–you MUST go!

Arriving at The Fields:

Upon arrival, you’ll pull up and park in a small field, and you can either walk down the long dirt driveway or you will text your host (either Irene, the owner, or Emma, depending on who you are assigned to/the day of your arrival–both are SO awesome and will take such good care of you!) Someone will come get you in a Gator cart to help you with your luggage.


You’ll then be driven up to your glamping tent–a beautiful canvas tent complete with the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in, and a toilet and shower with full modern plumbing. Additionally, each tent has a wood stove, which we didn’t need, but is something that will keep you warm if you plan to visit in the spring or fall. Speaking of, it cools down significantly at night–so it wasn’t hot (even though it was July) and it was actually pretty chilly–the incredibly soft plush blankets kept us toasty warm!

Each tent is also equipped with its own fire pit outside, and a yeti cooler on the porch for any essentials you’d like to bring (you’ll want to BYOB because they don’t have alcohol to purchase on site–but you don’t really need any food items aside from any snacks, etc) and two vintage bicycles that you can use to ride around the property and also into South Haven, which is about a 30-minute bike ride.

They also spray for mosquitos around the property, and we had ZERO problems with bugs at all.

The Fields of Michigan

The inside of our tent–it all the amenities of a nice hotel room (including a bathroom with full plumbing!), plus a woodstove if it gets cold at night! 

The Fields of Michigan

Each tent is supplied with vintage bikes to use during your stay!

The Fields of Michigan


Blueberries on the farm 

The Fields of Michigan

Checking in at The Fields 

The Fields is located on a stunning Blueberry farm! 

Eating at The Fields

Every morning they serve breakfast up at the main building called “The Willow”–which is basically a big screened-in, open-air room. They have a few long tables inside the willow as well as several outdoor tables. (Both large and small)l. You can also arrange for them to set up a table outside of your tent and have breakfast there as well. It all depends on your preference and of course, your comfort level. We actually did both options and felt very safe/comfortable.

The first morning for breakfast we had an AMAZING quiche (and I don’t even usually like quiche!) with a mixed green salad and fruit, and the next we had the most delicious French toast bake with local sausage. They are also very accomodating if you have any dietary restrictions/food allergies–just let them know in advance!

One thing I highly recommend doing while at The Fields is arranging a dinner on the property. (A nonnegotiable in my opinion!)

It’s so beautiful that you’ll definitely want to make sure you eat dinner there at least one night! When you book your trip, they will email you with options to arrange meals at The Fields, and you can set this up in advance!

Honestly, we didn’t plan ahead of time because we couldn’t make a decision. Typical us. We figured we’d just wing it and figure out dinner in town, but on our second day of the stay, Irene, the owner (who we quickly became friends with because she is just so fun and lovely) told us the chef was arranging a multi-course Italian meal for one of the other families staying that night, and that she would have him make two extra portions for us to have whenever we got home from our boat trip that evening! She told us to pick up a good bottle of wine (and gave us instructions on her favorite wine shop to do so) and that she would handle the rest.

We returned to this charming romantic table setup with the most incredible spread. (Followed by a pasta sampler that was to die for). At sunset, Irene came back to drop of s’mores supplies!! (Don’t worry, they also light your fire pit for you, no fire building skills necessary!)

The Fields of Michigan

Our first course of dinner outside our tent! 

The Fields of MichiganThe Fields of Michigan The Fields of Michigan The Fields of Michigan

The Fields at night is truly magical 

The Fields of Michigan

Above: The Airstream you can rent, and also where they offer massage services!

The Fields of Michigan

Above: The Willow, where they serve breakfast each morning (unless you’d like it at your tent!) 

The Fields of Michigan

The Willow is the common area at The Fields, which is like a big ole screened in porch! 

The Fields of Michigan The Fields of Michigan The Willow

Obsessed with the wall decor at The Willow at The Fields!

Riding along the Kal-Haven rail into South Haven

Above: Riding along the Kal-Haven rail into South Haven

Other activities to do during your stay at The Fields

Ride bikes into South Haven

Take your vintage bikes and ride them along the beautiful Kal-Haven trail into town! This photo does NOT do it justice–it was truly the most beautiful bike ride I’ve ever been on, and it ends right in town. We took our bikes into South Haven before our sailing charter for lunch and a drink before hopping on board!

Sailing in South Haven

We had the BEST experience with Sailing South Haven aboard the Margaret Ann! We booked a private charter for $275 for two hours, and Captain Andy and Rudy could not have been cooler.

When we first got on they were like “you guys can sit up here and enjoy a romantic evening on the water and we won’t bother you!” but we were like “WAIT! NO! WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORIES!” We chatted with them the whole time about their sailing adventures (they both grew up sailing on Lake Michigan) and Andy was so knowledgeable about the history of the area. There have been some pretty famous shipwrecks right off the shore that we never would’ve known about if not for Andy’s knowledge!

However, if it IS a quiet experience you seek (I know everyone is different!), they are definitely cool with just operating in the background too. You can BYOB and they’re happy to provide you with disposable cups, wine opener, etc, if you forget!

Visit local wineries and breweries

There are tons of local wineries and breweries in the area! We didn’t go wine tasting, but we did stop nearby at Virtue Cider and it was such a lovely experience! They were extremely safe (I loved that they had a two-strike rule of wearing your mask–if you had to be asked to put it on more than once, you were kicked out! Ha!) and it was such a hidden gem. The service was also incredible. I loved the Michigan Cherry Cider! Modales winery also came highly recommended! (Update: we’ve been back to Modales after this post was published and it’s fantastic. More details and Modales winery review here!)

Arrange a wine tasting at The Fields

Irene or Emma can arrange a tasting on the property with their favorite Sommelier! (I wish we’d had time to do this––when we come back it will be on our list!)

Blueberry picking at The Fields

The fields are open for you to pick as many blueberries as your heart is content, whenever you want!

Go to the beach!

If you love the beach, South Haven has some great ones! (We actually didn’t do this, since we went to the beach earlier on in our trip, but the beaches are beautiful there, although I’m not sure how crowded they get.) Irene and Emma will tell you the best spots to pick up some sandwiches for a beach picnic!

Go to a bar on the water

A drink or two on the water is a must! There are a lot of cute little bars that overlook the harbor in South Haven! We went to Captain Lou’s for dinner our first night––they have the best fried fish in town––Neal recommends getting it cajun style. I don’t like fish, so I got chicken fingers and they definitely hit the spot!  The Idler is also a must for drinks (although everyone we talked to said to not bother with the food). It’s an open-air bar and grill on an old moored river boat! So fun! It kind of reminded me of the Frying Pan in NYC! Both spots we felt very safe–they had closed every other table for social distancing and enforced masks anytime you weren’t at your table.

Get a massage at The Fields:

I’m not really a massage kinda girl, but Neal LOVES them, so he arranged for a massage one morning at the fields. They have a beautifully revamped airstream where they offer massage services, and he said his massage was wonderful! You can also rent out the trailer if you wish to stay there instead of the tent!

Aboard the Margaret Ann with for our sailboat charter!  Aboard the Margaret Ann with for our sailboat charter! 

Aboard the Margaret Ann with for our sailboat charter! 

Captain Lou's is a South Haven gem

Captain Lou’s is a South Haven gem

The Fields

Until we meet again! Cannot wait to go back to The Fields soon!

FYI they are nearly booked up for the remainder of the year (make sure to follow them on Instagram though, because they often announce last minute cancellations/openings via their IG stories!) They’ll be releasing their spring dates soon!