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Girly in Gingham

Jun 17, 2016

Goodnight Macaroon Girly Gingham Top

Gingham top: c/o Goodnight Macaroon (also obsessed with this flirty off the shoulder chambray version, and I also recently got this pom pom top // Skinnies: Henry and Belle // Lace-up flats: c/o Coach (on major sale, for just $99!)// Bag: Louis Vuitton (borrowed from Kelly) You can buy on this website and make monthly payments, which is really cool! Or, the Real Real always has great used designer bags! 


Fridaaayyyyyyy yippeee! How has the week been? 

Mine was a bit nuts, which I’m sure comes as a big shock to you–me always talking about how all over the place I am all the time and everything. Have you also felt like a complete spazz lately or is just me? 

The reason for the spazziness? Well, we’ll get into that in a second, but for now–let’s talk about this outfit!

I got this little gingham number a few weeks back (when I thought we were going to Nantucket, and in reality, that was really just a cover for Neal to pop the question! I still get SO giddy thinking about that weekend and can’t believe we’re getting married. Eeeeee!)  Anyway, this has become one of my go-to tops.

I probably pull it out of the closet once a week–it’s so lightweight and cool, and really–have you seen a more adorable top? I think not. Add some skinnies, and neutral lace-ups, and it’s the perfect weekday outfit. (Although, in hind sight, not the best footwear for a rainy day when we shot these! Whoops! Hehe.) 

We took these outside of Kelly’s–it was the first time I had seen her wiener dog, Noodle (we’re very close, you know) for over a month and a half! It was quite the emotional reunion. (See photographic proof below.) Well, for me. I may have been more excited than Noodle about it, but that’s okay. (I think she forgot who I was for a few minutes?) 

Anyway, to circle back to why I’ve been a complete spazz lately–Blair and I are holding our VERY FIRST Blogging For Keeps Webinar! (Eeeek!) 

This might sound like an easy thing to do, but I completely underestimated how much work it would be. I’m so excited though, insanely blown away, and totally had an emotional tearing up moment yesterday over how many people we’ve had sign up so far! (You like us!? You really really like us!?

I’m also a little terrified, you know–being live streaming on the internet and everything. (Not like that though. That actually sounds a little weird in hindsight. Haaa.) 

Anyway, if you’re a blogger, or know someone who is interested in setting up their own WordPress website (or adding some cool features to one they already have!)–that’s what we’ll be covering, so head over to this page to get the scoop and sign up! 

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