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Gift Guide: My Favorite Gift Ideas I Own Personally (That you can still get in time for Christmas!)

Dec 17, 2018

Gift Guide: My Favorite Gift Ideas I Own Personally (That you can still get in time for Christmas!)

Above: J.Crew blanket scarf from last year–this year’s version here (comes in lot’s of colors!) J.Crew tissue turtleneck (runs TTS, wearing XS here! Also come in lot’s of solid colors!) J.Crew earrings (again, last year’s version, but this year’s version is very similar!) 

Hi guys! 

I thiiinkkkkk maybe this might wrap up my gift guides this year? Maybe not. Who knows. I fly by the seat of my pants these days, but this seemed to be a good one to end with. Last week I shared what YOUR personal favorite gifts you’ve ever received were (including experiences) and today, I’m sharing MY personal favorite items that I’d highly recommend as gifts. You can also still get ALL of these in time for Christmas Eve with standard shipping (the cutoff for most of them is tomorrow, Tuesday, December 18th, with exceptions noted in descriptions!) 

Here we go! 

My favorite items that anyone would love to receive this season: 

Kindle paperwhite

Kindle paperwhite: 

I don’t know WHAT I would do without my Kindle. I honestly never thought to put it in a gift guide just because I figured everyone already had one but I’ve received several questions about it lately so I wanted to put it in here! I’ve had Kindles for years and years, but a few years back I was having the worst week of my life and on top of it, my Kindle broke. It was one of those breaking points where I just LOST IT and I came home a few days later and Neal surprised me with a brand new one. It was so sweet and is still one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received.

I read so much, so having tons of books at my disposal is imperative. Because it doesn’t have blue light, it doesn’t mess with your brain or eyes or prevent you from being able to go to sleep. It really does look just like a paper book! Plus, it’s way more economical. Kindle books are so much cheaper than the real versions! Obviously another plus here is Amazon’s fast shipping, so if you need a great last minute gift, this is definitely it! 

By the way, if you need book ideas to load onto the Kindle, definitely check out this post! 

Wubby Fleece half zip

Wubby Fleece half zip:

 The Wubby Fleece has taken my IG fam by storm ?I get DM’s all the time with photos of you guys in Wubby Fleece’s saying this is the best money you’ve ever spent on yourself! So, obviously I had to put it in here because it would make the BEST GIFT EVER. They are so, so soft, and so warm, and so cozy. At the end of a long day you pull it on and it feels like a hug. It runs very big though, FYI! (Mine is the color-blocked version, which is sold out in this color, but they have a more cream-blush colored color block version or other colors too!) 

Rag & Bone skinny jeans

Rag & Bone skinny jeans:

I was ELATED when I saw that my favorite Rag & Bone skinnies were restocked just in time for the holidays AND they’re 33% off. If you’re shopping for someone who is in the market for some new skinny jeans and are looking for something with a lot of stretch and comfort, these are it. I love the raw hems as well (and that they aren’t *too* raw/ripped–it’s just subtle!) The rise is also high but not too high. These were my #1 bestselling jean for an entire year, for good reason. They do run big, so size down if you’re in question. Other jeans I love: Everlane’s skinny jeans (they are just different in style from the Rag & Bones and they are a much thicker/sturdier denim!) 

Barbour Beadnell Coat

Barbour Beadnell Coat:

I own both the waxed version and the quilted version, and this is always one of my top gift recommendations! Barbour jackets are so high quality, they’re super warm for how little bulk they are (AND how cute they are!) and it’s something they’ll have for years and years. (Same goes with men, too! Neal has several Barbour coats that he loves!) 

Lole packable coats

Lole packable coats:

On the flip side, if Barbour isn’t your thing but you’re looking to gift a coat that is stylish and insanely practical–enter Lolë’s packable coats. They are insanely warm for how light they are, and they fold up into a tiny pouch! This is perfect for anyone (guy or girl!) who is always on the go! I recommend both the “Emeline” and “Hudson” for women, and Neal wears the “Irving” ALL the time! You can also see my guide on their heavier winter coats here

Madewell Transport tote

Madewell Transport tote:

 Another go-to recommendation for any woman–Madewell’s Transport Totes just can’t be beat when it comes to quality, style, and practicality. In my opinion, a great tote needs to hit on all three, and this passes with flying colors. I have two–one in black and one in brown! I would recommend the one with the zipper top, since it’s best for travel and security reasons! 

Cuyana Toiletry Bags

Cuyana Toiletry Bags: 

These have been included in a couple gift guides but I’m unsure if you TRULY understand what a great gift these are, so I had to reiterate ?These are the nicest, high quality bags. The set comes with two–they have tons of colors (so they’re good for guys as well)–they’re perfect all on their own or if you want to get really fancy, gift these filled with some nice beauty products! (See this post if you need more beauty gift ideas!) 

Blondo Boots

Blondo Boots:

Again, I feel like you guys are probably like “I GET IT. WE KNOW YOU LOVE BLONDO BOOTS.” But I still get so many questions on my favorite boots for winter so I feel like I have to include these here ?I’ve owned a pair of Blondo suede boots for a couple of years now and they are the only boots I wear regularly that have made it through multiple Chicago winters. They come already waterproofed, so you don’t have to worry about ruining them in the rain and slush! They’re super comfortable and ideal for travel, too! They come in lots of styles but I’d recommend this one if you’d like a knee-high version and this one if you want an an over the knee version. 

T3 curling iron:

T3 curling iron:

The curling iron I’ve been using for a couple of years now–it works SO well. It curls faster than any other product I’ve tried and gets SUPER hot. (Careful, you don’t need to use it on the full heat capacity!) I love the “whirl” because you can mix and match the barrels without having to own like 3 different curling irons! (See my hair curling tutorial here!) I own this full set, but you can also purchase the barrels individually. 

Best of Beautycounter set

Best of Beautycounter set:

The best gift set for those looking to give beauty gifts! Beautycounter is 100% clean–it’s my favorite skincare brand and the products are incredible. This set includes a smaller version of all their bestselling skincare products (But they’re actually really good sized so you will get several months use out of them!) For anyone who is into skincare and looking to transition to cleaner products, this is the perfect gift. I own each of these items individually (the full sized items, with the exception of the #1 facial oil, I haven’t tried that yet, but it’s one of my most popular reader favorites! You guys swear by it!)  NOTE: Today, Monday, is last day to order from Beautycounter.com with regular shipping and receive in time for Christmas Eve! 

Nordstrom lingerie pajamas

Nordstrom lingerie pajamas:

 I have the shorts set but it also comes as a long pants and long sleeves set as well! These are the COMFIEST, SOFTEST pajamas ever. I always recommend this pair as a gift because it’s a set you’ll wear year-round (vs something like a flannel set you’ll only wear in the winter). The material isn’t too hot and they are so incredibly chic and comfortable. 

Silk pillow case and eye mask set

Silk pillow case and eye mask set:

You can get these as a set or purchase the eye mask and pillow case individually! I love both of them! Silk pillow-cases are anti-aging, don’t leave you with sleep creases and prevent bedhead! The eye mask isn’t too tight and is really lightweight and you can barely feel it, but it does a great job of blocking out light! It’s also easy on the eyelashes! 

I Love Your Style book:

I Love Your Style book:

This is my #1 favorite style related book. It’s so cute on your coffee table but actually is so helpful and has a lot of substance. It has so many great style tips and practical advice for putting together a wardrobe that represents your personality and finding your own personal style! 

Hue Brushed Seamless Leggings

See full outfit post here 

Hue Brushed Seamless Leggings:

I got mine at Lord and Taylor but they also sell them at Bloomingdales! (They have more sizes there!) These are $18 (EIGHTEEN) dollars and they are the coziest, most amazing leggings ever. They are lined with this super soft fleecy material and they are seamless–which I love. One of my biggest pet peeves is trying to wear athletic leggings as regular everyday leggings where you can see the seams in them and it gives away that they’re workout leggings. ?You can wear these in place of sweats but I’ve also dressed them up with heeled booties for a party and they look great that way too! Other favorite leggings that are amazing gifts: The Spanx leather and Spanx velvet leggings (run true to size! I wear a small!) 

Need more gift ideas? See my other gift guides below! 

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Hope this helps wrap up your Christmas shopping!! 

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