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Gift Guide: For the Hostess

Dec 10, 2015

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1. DipSticks Dares & Jokes Table Game // 2. Monogrammed Moscow Mule Mug // 3. Match book // 4. Marble & Wood Hexagon Cutting Board // 5. Dish Towel // 6. Gold Polka Dot Ice Bucket // 7. Marble Cheese Board (Under $50!) // 8. “The Neighbors Have Better Stuff” Door Mat // 9. Luxe Hexagonal Tray // 10. Believe in  Your Selfie throw pillow // 11. Gold Glitter Party Antlers // 12. “Booze” carafe // 13. Kate Spade drink tags // 14. Le Creuset Dutch Oven // 15. Marble Cheese Knives // 16. Gold Pineapple Tumbler

I’m pretttyyy excited for this special bonus post today because gifts for the hostess/cook are my absolute favorite goodies. I have to confess, I selfishly want every single one of these items for myself! Whether you need an affordable gift to bring to your Christmas party (for the hostess, literally) or you’re just looking for a present for someone who absolutely adores to cook and entertain, (or, fine, you’re totally shopping for yourself–NO SHAME!) there is definitely something on this list for everybody! 

Dares and Jokes Table Game ($13)

I love party games! No matter who you’re hanging out with, it’s always fun to have a game or two on hand to keep people busy either during dinner or after dinner. My family and I started playing silly games together recently and it’s been so hilarious. It makes Christmas Eve so much more fun! 

Monogrammed Moscow Mule Mug ($19)

I have to be honest, I don’t like Moscow Mules, but I want to like them SO BAD because of the adorable copper mugs they come in! I want a set so badly just for fun. (I mean, you can serve other things in them, too!) Plus, they look great as a decoration on a bar cart. With the monogram, they’d make such a cute newlywed Christmas gift! 

“Dream a Little Dream” Match Book ($10)

Matchbooks are the perfect little addition to a bar cart. (Something that a true hostess takes great pride in.) This would make such a cute pair with a bottle of champagne or holiday card. 

Marble and Wood Hexagon Cutting Board ($34)

There isn’t anything I don’t love about this cutting board! The combination of the marble and wood is a perfect combo of classic and rustic. Plus, it would work great as a serving platter as well! It looks so much more expensive than just $34! 

“This is as Merry as We Get” dish towel ($12)

For the sarcastic, cynical hostess, I’m not sure there could ever be a funnier gift. Don’t we all know someone with this type of dry sense of humor? HIL-ARIOUS. 

Gold Polka Dot Ice Bucket ($54)

For the ultimate girly girl, there is the gold, polka dotted Kate Spade ice bucket. Again, how perfect will it look on your bestie’s bar cart? 

Marble Cheese Board ($45)

SWOON. I just love everything marble. I’m not sure if there is a more chic surface (substance? material?) out there to make cheese boards out of. If you love someone, you should really be getting them a marble cheese board. (Extra points if you also buy the cheese to go on it. YUM.) 

“The Neighbors Have Better Stuff” doormat ($55)

From one of my favorite shops, Waiting On Martha. I love the idea of a cheeky doormat, it makes the cutest impression on your guests before they even get inside of your home! 

Luxe Hexagonal Tray ($64)

For the cook or hostess who has the best, timeless taste–she will always cherish this gorgeous tray! 

Believe in Your Selfie Throw Pillow ($39)

For the Instagram obsessed hostess–how hilarious is this throw pillow!? Do I need to say more? It’s not only funny, it’s downright adorable. 

Gold Glitter Party Antlers ($16)

What better way to get people in the holiday spirit than handing out gold party antlers? Whether you’re the one throwing the party, or you want to bust them out at the Christmas Eve soiree you’ll be attending, they’ll definitely make for some cute photos! 

“Booze” Carafe ($54)

I just. Need this in my life. And I’m sure someone else you know does too. 

Kate Spade Drink Tags ($16)

These whimsical drink tags will ensure nobody mixes up their beverages. (Which, lets be honest, once I’m a cocktail or two down, I can never locate my drink to save the life of me!) 

White Le Creuset Dutch Oven ($300)

One of my 2016 goals is to buy myself a white Le Creuset dutch oven. Then, I’ll feel like I’m a real grown up. (Cough. Unless someone wants to buy it for me before then.) Just sayin. But in all seriousness, this would make another amazing newlywed Christmas present, or for the recent grad who loves to cook and just moved into her first grown-up apartment. (Ideas!)

Marble Cheese Knives ($29)

What goes better with marble cheese boards than marble cheese knives? I love this little set of three, plus it won’t break the bank, and would make a perfect stocking stuffer! 

Gold Pineapple Tumbler ($29)

Gold and Pineapple, there was never a cuter combination. Really, nobody doesn’t love gold pineapples. Especially when you can serve cocktails in them. I mean, come on. 


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