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Gift Guide: For the Adventurer

Dec 14, 2018

Gift Guide For the Adventurer

Hi guys! 

Excited to mix it up with another fun gift guide today–gifts for the adventurer! We all have a few adventure-seekers in our life–whether that’s an avid traveler, hiker, camper, the friend who is always planning her next cool yoga retreat, professional tailgaters, your brother who plays 4 intramural sports–whatever! You know they don’t want to open *another boring sweater*–so what DO you get them? 

Enter REI Co-Op (they’re REI Co-Op now, not just REI–FYI). They are FAR more than just an outdoor “gear” store (growing up in Oregon, you tend to do a lot of shopping there ?) They have so many cool gifts, so I hope this helps you narrow down something to get that one thrill-seeker that is typically so hard to shop for! (Granted, most of these aren’t JUST for outoorsy types–I own many of these items myself!)

Let’s jump in! 

Gift Guide For the Adventurer

Yeti Cooler Bag: My friend Alicia brought one of these on my BFF Kate’s bachelorette party this summer, and I was FLOORED at how amazing it was. It seriously will keep drinks cold for a WHOLE WEEKEND. It is such a must for anyone who likes boating, camping, tailgating–whatever! 

Compression packing cubes: For the avid traveler who likes to pack light–I REALLY need these! You load in your pants and shirts and zip it closed and it compresses it flat–not just good for saving space, but for keeping your bag organized, too! 

Packable Yoga Mat: This would be such a great gift for any yogi, especially one who is planning to go on a retreat. Yoga mats are so awkward to carry around, and this one folds up so nicely to fit in your bag! (Great for any yogi who also happens to commute in general!) 

Patagonia Better Sweater: They make these for men and women, and a better sweater has actually been on my list for years, I’ve just never gotten around to getting one! I love how they look (casual but stylish and cozy) and everyone raves about how warm they are! Patagonia is one of those brands that everyone loves–whether they’re a city dweller or an avid hiker. 

Hikers gift box: For the friend, neighbor, or family member who loves to hike. Who wouldn’t love opening this fun little box to make their next hike extra special? 

Yeti Rambler: I freaking LOVE. THIS. THING. I love the rambler because I can drink coffee in it (who needs the handle?) but also drink water, cocktails, la croix, whatever out of it–and things stay hot or cold! I am ALL about Yeti. (Other good gift ideas: Yeti wine tumblers, or of course, the classic coffee mug.) 

Sorel Caribou boots: For anyone who needs to survive a midwestern (or northeastern) winter–or basically anyone who plans to encounter a solid amount of snow, Sorel boots cannot be beat. They are the best of the best. Also, they aren’t just practical, I think they happen to be some of the cuter snow boots out there. They will last FOR-EVER! 

Spike Ball: Have you heard of Spike Ball? Neal got it for my nephews last year and it was such a fun gift (and a way to bring the whole family together and get them away from their video games!) It’s really easy to play, but very fun and addictive! Great for kids and adults! (And a great game to play on the beach or camping, too!) 

REI Camp Mug: Who WOULDN’T want this cute mug? This is a perfect gift for your outdoorsy brother in law who is probably sick of you getting him socks. (Just saying.) 

National Park Pass: OK I’ve mentioned this a couple times in various gift guides over the past few days because I think it’s such a cool gift and so relevant to ANYONE who loves traveling and the outdoors. You can give someone this national park pass and it’s good for admission at any national park or monument! 

Hydroflask: My sister got me one of these years and years ago, and I still love it. (Again, one of those things that you’ll have around for decades.) Like the Yeti, it’s a water bottle that keeps your drinks super cold. It’s especially nice to bring with you on a trip, or keep in the car (if you’re in the car a lot) because you’ll never be out of water, and it always stays cold! 

REI Classes: Speaking of hikes–did you know that REI offers classes? I didn’t! From skills to group outings, they have so many cool things to check out–getting someone a gift card toward one of these would be so cool and memorable. (Not to mention, a great way to meet new people, too!) 

What do you think? Were these fun? REI is such a great place for gifts for any adventurer, I hope this gave you some fun ideas! 

Thanks to REI Co-Op, an awesome source for cool, unique gifts, for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 110% my own! 

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