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9 Favorite Investment Items

Dec 13, 2021

Gift Guide: 9 Favorite Splurge-Worthy Items 

Gift Guide: 9 Favorite Splurge-Worthy Items 

Hello hello!

How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one! I can’t believe how fast this month is flying–is your month starting to slow down a bit? Or is it still packed with holiday festivities? 

We’re back with another gift guide on the blog today—one that I actually get asked about year round, so I thought it deserved it’s own post!

To be honest, I’m not a big “designer” person–but there are a handful of really nice key pieces that I own and adore (many that I’ve received as gifts myself). It’s always hard to answer the question, “Is X worth the investment?” because that means something different to everybody! I only know what *I* would consider a worthy investment–but I hope my two cents can help you decide what’s best for you! 

Below I’ve rounded up my favorite splurge-worthy investments that would make great gifts for others or yourself (maybe to mark a special celebratory occasion, or if you’re looking for gift ideas to send to your SO–hint hint!) From my favorite household item that I use multiple times per week, to my favorite designer treasures that I’ve had for years, (and some that are newer!) Here are my 9 favorite investment items ($300+) that I wholeheartedly believe are worth the price tag. 

(Also worth noting–for many sites, today is the last day to order online for Christmas arrival!)

Let’s jump in!

Gift Guide: 9 Favorite Splurge-Worthy Items 

Dyson Cordless Vaccum: 

This might not be the most exciting purchase, but it will DRAMATICALLY improve your life. This vacuum is one of my favorite things that we own and has made it so easy to keep our entire (all wood floor) condo dust-free. It’s as light as a Swiffer, and I can quick vacuum our whole place in minutes! It’s worth every bit of the hype. When you’re spending all day every day at home, this will make your life wayyyy easier–trust me, put it on your Christmas list

Check out my full post on it here!

Gucci Brixton Convertible Loafers: 

I get a LOT of questions on these loafers, and I can confidently say that yes, they are worth every penny. Neal got these for me for Christmas a few years back and they are one of my favorite gifts ever. ❤️

I think you will have them until the end of time, they are a beautiful, classic staple that is exceptionally well-made. They also happen to be one of the comfiest pairs of flats that I own–they are truly the most buttery, soft leather and they don’t require any breaking in.

Sizing: I wear a US 8 and went with the 37 1/2 (European sizing) and they fit perfectly.

Dana Rebecca Initial Ring: 

Dana Rebecca is my favorite nice jewelry brand! Dana not only designs the most beautiful everyday jewelry but she’s also an amazing person that I’ve been lucky enough to befriend on Instagram! Full disclosure, she gifted me this initial ring with a “J” on it when June was born, but it’s the #1 present I’d recommend for a new mom! (I’m always asked about “push present” ideas!) It just makes me smile so big every time I look at it, and it looks so pretty stacked with other rings!

Dana Rebecca Sylvie Necklace:

Another Dana Rebecca item! Years ago, my best friend Courtney gave me this necklace as a bridesmaid gift (so generous!) It was my first Dana Rebecca piece and I think I went two full years before ever taking it off. I always recommend this necklace to any guy friends who are looking to gift their girlfriend something special! (But it’s also a great gift to put on your list if your partner is looking for ideas.)

Hermes Scarf:

I have received two Hermes scarves now as gifts and I have to attest they are some of my favorite, most worn designer items. When it comes to designer gifts, I think it’s also a fairly approachable price point (when you’re talking about a splurge item, that is) and it’s something that’s classic and will withstand the test of time! (Linking the one I most recently got in Paris here!)

Barbour Jacket: 

One of my absolute favorite wardrobe staples that makes the best gift. (I have acquired a few Barbour jackets over the years). If you’d like to channel your inner “Royal Family at Balmoral” vibe, this is your jacket! The waxed Barbours are a personal favorite as I love their look and how durable/versatile they are. A Barbour will last you a lifetime, and it’s one of the most iconic brands out there. I recommend starting out with either the Beadnell (a bit more feminine/fitted in shape) or the Bedale (a bit more relaxed fitting). (I also have a ladies Beaufort I ADORE but I can’t find it in stock anywhere anymore!)

FYI, Barbour is made in the UK so sizing is European, so I’d recommend sizing up. (For reference I typically wear a 34 or 36 depending on how much room I want for layering!)

Delsey Chatalet 21 Rolling Carry On Bag:

I haven’t gone on a single trip without my little Delsey suitcase in the past several years, and let me tell you–I never thought I could have such love for a suitcase! It’s not just adorable–yes, it sounds cheesy, but it SERIOUSLY brings me joy rolling it through the airport–but it’s crazy functional and holds so much! See my full review here! 

Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boots:

My only pair of designer boots that I’ve had for many years!  They’re 33% off right now! They are so high quality and are the only pair I’ve found that TRULY hug my legs. (I have very small child-like calves, however, I have friends with wide calves who loves these too!)

A big plus: They’re insanely warm and basically like wearing leather boot pants because they hit mid-thigh and therefore provide major protection for legs under my winter coat!

Chanel Bag:

(Ok, to be specific, the Medium Double Flap 2.55 bag in Caviar Black Leather–the Caviar is FAR more durable than the lambskin!) I have ALWAYS lusted after this bag (and I am not a handbag person–I just have always adored this bag for years). I fully expected to not own this bag until I was at least 40 or 50 (after years of saving or maybe a really big milestone birthday) but Neal surprised me with one for my 30th birthday. ♥️ I love it SO much and I think if you want ONE super classic, never goes out of style, retains its value designer piece–this is the one. They don’t sell them new online but you can get them secondhand at lots of verified online dealers!


I hope this was helpful! 

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