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GG x Lauren Conrad

Nov 17, 2014

If you follow me, Maritza, or Cassandra on Instagram, chances are you’ve already seen these photos by now. 

And if you’re already sick of them, sorry! I just couldn’t contain my excitement! The above are just a taste of the hair and cocktail tutorial that ran on LaurenConrad.com last week. 

It all started when I got a call from Cassandra a few weeks back, asking if I could come over to her place in an hour for a shoot. One of the models they had planned to use fell through, and they needed someone to stand in. 

Knowing the magic that ensues when Cassandra, Maritza and Brenda get into the same room, I quickly jumped in the next Uber to Cassandra’s studio, and the rest was history. I feel so lucky when I get to collaborate with this amazing group of women! 

One of my favorite parts of the day was becoming best buddies with Jasper, who stole my heart as well as the girls’ over at Lauren Conrad. We were so excited that he got to make his debut! Be sure to head over to LaurenConrad.com for the full article. If you want curls like LC or are in the mood for a cozy winter cocktail, don’t miss it! 

(P.S. for those who are wondering, the sweater and socks are both Cassandra’s, from H&M and Target.)

Happy Monday! 

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