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GG Reader Dogs, Vol. 9

Oct 21, 2019

Happy Monday, friends! 

I’m heading home from Oregon today. (I spent the weekend with my family!) I’ve got a special treat to start your week off with a smile…GG READER DOGS!! Hooray! 

If you missed the previous editions–welcome to the best blog post idea I’ve ever had. 

Several months back on Instagram stories, I asked you to submit your dog’s photo with a funny caption so I could turn it into a blog post–I got 100+ submissions, and here we are with a brand new blog series! ?

Seeing pictures of your pups brings so much sunshine to my day, and I know these good boys and girls will bring a smile to YOUR face, too! 

(Please note, these photos are posted in the order they were received! New submissions are currently closed but will open up again soon!) 

GG Reader Dogs Vol.9

Layla and Terrance 

GG reader dogs vol.9 GG reader dogs vol.9 - terrance

Layla (top) is going to be 3 this month! She’s very energetic and loves to play — she will literally play with you all day, especially tug!! She loves attention and when she wants your attention, she always takes her paw and puts it on your arm or lap and gives you the biggest puppy eyes. She’s a cuddle monster and will always try to wiggle her body in wherever you are, and she has on occasion confiscated pillows to rest her head on like a human Emoji 
Terrance (bottom) is 8, and he’s your typical older male. Loves to lounge around, eat as much food as possible (he’s a bottomless pit), loves to sleep and sunbathe. Will love you forever if you scratch his booty, and he always has to turn his head around to watch you, and he’ll give you a BIG smile to thank you for it. He also doesn’t realize he’s a dog, he thinks he’s a human and will try his very best to hold a conversation with you. He has the biggest heart and smile!! Emoji

Maestro from Jersey City, NJ

maestro - GG reader dogs vol.9

Maestro is a 1-year-old French bulldog and I love him to death, but he is stubborn as heck! He might only be a little guy but he thinks he runs the show. But at the same time… Maestro is hilarious. He has such a tremendous personality that even when he is peeing on my ottoman (yes, he’s 1 years old and still not housebroken! ??‍♀️), it’s hard for me to be mad at him. I mean, just look at that face!!! How could you?! His favorite thing to do is play with other dogs at the dog park and hump as many of them as he possibly can. But don’t be fooled by his size — he may be small in stature but he is a kettlebell, and prefers grappling with the big dogs (our neighborhood pit bull, Diesel, hides under a bench when Maestro comes around – not even joking). 
Maestro has an Instagram, of course, which is where I document all of his antics over on the stories @jerseycityfrenchie. He recently was the face of Ruggable’s latest pet contest so I feel like my job of crazy dog mom is now finally complete. 

Barkley from Pennsylvania 

barkley - GG reader dogs vol.9

Meet Barkley, named after Saquon Barkley (I’m shocked my bf agreed to this, I’m a Penn State alum and he’s an Ohio State fan). Barkley was just rescued two weeks ago from a high kill shelter in Kentucky and is now living the good life in Pennsylvania.

Franklyn from Roscoe Villagefranklyn - GG reader dogs vol.9

This is Franklyn right after her last “blow out” at the groomer hahaha. I was laughing so hard when i picked her up. Franklyn’s a country girl, born in Wisconsin, but is embracing life in the city and lives with us in Roscoe Village. Franklyn keeps us laughing constantly with her unexplainable and bizarre fear of plastic bags, fire hydrants, curbs, speed bumps, card board boxes etc… She is OBSESSED with the tennis ball and can think of nothing else except the ball whenever it’s in sight. She’s also a big cuddler, and often beats us into bed at night, curled up on our pillows waiting for us to come snuggle her. She is the cutest dog in the world and we tell her that everyday!️

Cassie from Atlanta, GA

cassie - GG reader dogs vol.9

This is Cassie, she’s a Bernese mountain dog rescue diva. She’s not allowed on the furniture, but I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and homegirl will be asleep on the couch. What can you do? She’s a smart dog.


champ - GG reader dogs vol.9

This is my pup, Champ!  If you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you he’s my favorite thing to talk about!  He’s a seven year old pit bull mix (this is him as a puppy) who has the same spots as Snoopy (they look the same from the back!), is a big ol’ softie, and hates taking selfies with me. He’s the best!

Kirk from Toronto, ON

kirkKirk is 3-years-old and is originally from Mexico. He came to me over two years ago just after American Thanksgiving. Right on time for some snow that year. I expected him to hate the snow and the cold. BOY WAS I WRONG. He loves the snow so much that he has figured out how to put on his coat on his own to try and get me to take him for another walk. He pulls it out of the closet and only gets it to this point. The jacket gets stuck on his ears so this is how he walks into our living room to announce its time for a walk. We live in Toronto so he’s been blessed with a lot of snow this year! (KIRK!! I AM DECEASED.?) 

Duke from Ohio

This is Duke, a chocolate merle labradoodle. He enjoys getting hand-fed spoonfuls of peanut butter and sunbathing on our deck. Duke also loves dinosaurs and will sit and watch any of the Jurassic Park movies. (He is still a puppy so this is a huge deal!) 

Randle from Lewes, DE


This is our family dog Randle. He was my backseat buddy and he passed away unexpectedly two days ago (on Tuesday) even though my heart is broken.. I love seeing all the other readers’ dogs because dogs are the best, so please, please make this a thing! (RIP Randle! ?What a sweet boy! Please join me in sending Randle’s owner virtual hugs and love!) 

Hazel and Violet 

hazel & violet - GG reader dogs vol.9

Hazel and Violet were submitted without any background text and I just have SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. ?We need to know the back story behind these Corgis. If you are Hazel and Violet’s owner please DM me because Kendall and I are really on pins and needles here! ?


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