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GG Reader Dogs, Vol. 7

Aug 1, 2019

It’s that time again…GG READER DOG TIME (!!!) Welcome to the SEVENTH installment of the best blog post idea I’ve ever had! ?

If you missed it, a few months back on instagram stories, I asked you to submit your dog’s photo with a funny caption so I could turn it into a blog post–I got 100+ submissions, and here we are with an ongoing series! 

Seeing pictures of your dogs brings so much sunshine to my day, and I know these good boys and girls will bring a smile to YOUR face, too! 

(Please note, these photos are posted in the order they were received! Also, my GG reader cat people–don’t dismay–we will be taking cat submissions once we get through all of the dogs! New submissions are currently closed but will open up again soon once we get done with this first round!)  


Chance and Leo snuggle up for their close up

We’re Chance & Leo, an adopted bonded pair form rural Virginia now living the life in Washington, DC thanks to City Dog Rescue. We’re sheltie, chihuahua, and probably something else (fox?!) but we’re all cute and FULL of energy. And naps. We passed training class with solid participation, love taking limbs off our toys (mom sews them back on) and are all about some peanut butter! And yes, we’re twins. 

Olaf was adopted from the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society

Meet Olaf! We adopted him adopted from the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society last March (he’s been with us almost a year ?). Olaf loves eating really messy bones on our nicest furniture, playing with balls he finds in the dog park (never the ones we own in our apartment) and trying to lick all the other dogs – even if they don’t love him back! 

Pip loves to go for joy rides but hates when her dad leaves her behind

Here is Pip; she loves car rides, sleeping, treats, sleeping (lol), cuddles, and just being around her humans. She also HATES when my dad (or her dad) has to fly to Chicago for work! Pretty much, she is the definition of a “lap dog” and would just lay on or by you all day if she could. 

Emma is a pooch that loves being a GG reader

Meet Emma (aka Emma Jane Taylor aka Puppyface) – she is named both for Emma Watson and Emma Stone. My husband and I adopted Emma in 2013 when she was just 14 weeks old. She is a mutt and we aren’t sure of her heritage but her vet suspects she is a shepherd/hound mix. Her tail curls up into a circle when she is happy. She is intelligent, sweet, loyal, protective and fun. Her favorite things are squeaky balls and the beach (and especially squeaky balls on the beach). Her favorite human foods are mini marshmallows, tortilla chips, and popcorn. She tolerates her 2 year old brother’s antics often with more patience than I do.

Milly loves the wind in her doggie ears

Milly is an 11-year old golden retriever and she loves to go for rides in my dad’s Ural sidecar at home on the VT/NH border (where Dartmouth is). 
Going in the sidecar is probably one of her top five favorite things to do (along with eating, swimming, rolling in grass/snow, and rolling in dead things – ew). My brother or my dad drives, Milly goes in the sidecar, and I go on the back and hold on to her leash – she even has a matching Barbour jacket, and Doggles (yes, they’ve been branded)! 
Milly is so sweet and always has a huge smile on her face when she rides in the sidecar – but my favorite part is seeing people’s reactions when they see her drive by; they will literally stop and point, smile SO BIG, laugh, and wave. 


Lola naps before reading her favorite fashion blog: The Golden Girl
Meet Lola, my 3 year old English springer spaniel/best friend! She is from Guadalajara, Mexico (we are living in Mexico for my husband’s job for a few years). Lola loves long walks, playing catch, eating carrots and taking over the bed in the middle of the night! 


Kilroy is an adventure dog
Meet Kilroy! He’s our sweet, 2.5 year-old golden retriever. My husband and I are both IU alumni (GO HOOSIERS!) and picked out his name to honor our time at IU & one of our favorite Bloomington bars. Kilroy is full of energy and knows no stranger. He loves peanut butter and long walks on the “Monon” here in Indianapolis. We love our sweet golden boy!


Harrison stands guard at the ocean
Meet The Colonel Harrison, we call him that because of the way he stands at attention and he looks like he has a Colonel mustache. He’s also affectionately referred to as sugar butt, burger butt, burger, an Ewok or Lil Wookiee! His demeanor is one of kind! If he’s snug in our bed and we say “go potty” he won’t even lift his head. He’s so stubborn that he’ll just lay there until you pick him up and take him outside. 


Comito looks dulcito
This is Comito! He’s 6 years old and resides in the Chicago area. He loves his mom and dad and 3 baby sisters! He loves cheese, his toy bunny and sleeping in! He’s also blind but nothing gets in his way! He loves life and enjoys every moment! 


Howard is a southern gentleman, modeling a crown like a king
Meet Howard! He’s 2 years old and lives in Anderson, South Carolina. He loves to wear costumes and sniff his farts. He’s terrified of balloons and loves to eat salmon. He is an AKC Canine Good Citizen and is the very best boy! 
Stay tuned for more too-cute pups in the future! And if you’re new to the series, be sure to check out GG Reader Dogs first edition, second editionthird editionfourth editionfifth edition and sixth edition

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