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#GetDressedStayHome Is Back!

Oct 1, 2020

#GetDressedStayHome Challenge


I had so many requests to bring back the #GetDressedStayHome challenge after we launched it back in April! I think fall always gets everyone re-inspired to play around with their wardrobe. And what a better little outlet than shopping your own closet? 

Right now, the term “it’s the little things” is more relevant than ever, and one of the best “little ways” to infuse more joy into life right now is by getting dressed in an outfit that brings a smile to your face and makes you feel good! For me, getting dressed is a means of creative expression. And it can really make a difference in my mood. 

As you know, I’m not new to the “work from home” lifestyle. (Granted, I’m definitely not used to staying home ALL DAY every day.) But I know that the WFH transition remains a struggle for many!

About the #GetDressedStayHome Challenge

As someone who is quite seasoned in this department, I can tell you that despite how tempting it is to stay in your PJ’s until 4pm every day (which is a privilege I abuse quite often, and while amazing SOMETIMES, it’s not good ALL the time!), getting dressed in REAL clothes is the easiest way to retain some semblance of normalcy! Think of it kind of like working out–it doesn’t always sound appealing, but you’re always SO glad you did it!

Based on that notion, back in April, I thought it would be fun to do a “get dressed” challenge together, and the idea for the #GetDressedStayHome challenge was born! Today, it’s back, and like before, I’m hoping it will serve a couple different purposes: 

To have fun:

To inspire you to get dressed every day, have fun with it, and learn how to look at your closet with fresh eyes! You don’t HAVE to have a reason to get dressed every day–you don’t have to be going to work, going out with friends, whatever! Getting dressed can be a form of self-care and normalcy during trying times! 

To raise money: 

Last time, we raised money for St. Anthony’s Hospital which serves primarily communities of color on Chicago’s South and West sides, and was disproportionally affected by COVID.

This time around, I decided it was only fitting to raise funds for Vote Save America’s Every Last Vote fund to fight voter suppression, given that we’re officially entering election crunch time! 

For each photo you snap and post on your Instagram feed (it has to be a feed photo, because stories are too hard to tally as they expire!) tagging me @jesskeys_ and #GetDressedStayHome, I will donate 50 cents to Vote Save America’s Every Last Vote fund! (I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it really adds up!) 

How the #GetDressedStayHome challenge works: 

Step one:

Print out the list above, or save it to your phone to reference each day! 

Step two:

Each morning, pick a prompt that speaks to you to guide your outfit that day. Check off each box as you make your way through the month. (Tip: If you upload it to your IG stories, you can check them off that way, then save the image each day!) How many can you check off!? 

NO RULES! You don’t have to do them in order––and you can even repeat if you’d like! (Shhhh–we won’t tell!) There’s no right or wrong way to do it–take the prompts as literally as you’d like, or not! You can even get your friends involved and vote on who wins “best OOTD” that day based on the prompt. ????????

Step three: 

SHARE! Snap a photo of your outfit (Mirror selfies are fine!) and post it to your Instagram feed tagging me @jesskeys_ and the hashtag #GetDressedStayHome.

For each feed photo posted this month tagging me @jesskeys_ and #GetDressedStayHome, I will donate 50 cents to Vote Save America’s Every Last Vote fund! 

(Note: Stories DO NOT COUNT toward the donation tally. Must be a feed photo! (Stories expire so I wouldn’t be able to properly tally the totals!) But I would love for you to share on stories as well to spread the word! I will also be resharing stories throughout the month.) 

Step four: 

Check back here throughout the month, as I’ll be rounding up outfit ideas and inspiration for the various challenge prompts!

Now, let’s all go get dressed and have fun with it! ☺️ xoxox 

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