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#GetDressedStayHome Outfits to Copy This Week!

Apr 22, 2020

Happy Wednesday, friends! 

Can you believe it’s already April 22nd?  I feel like it’s FLYING by even faster than usual, but also slow? Each day still seems surreal! ????If you missed it, I launched my #GetDressedStayHome challenge at the beginning of April to get us all motivated to get dressed every day, and find some new creativity in our wardrobes! 

For every Instagram feed photo that tags me with the hashtag in April, I’m donating 5 cents to Chicagoland hospitals. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up quickly! Now that we’re just over a week away from the end of the month, I wanted to do a little challenge check-in! If you’re just now joining, here are the deets! Don’t worry if you’re late to the party, there is still PLENTY of fun to be had!

Getting dressed every day is my #1 tip to feeling normal, so if you’re reluctant to ditch your sweatpants, I encourage you to give it a try–just once! See how you feel! This challenge has brought me new purpose and made getting dressed every day a fun adventure. So I hope you find the same! 

#GetDressedStayHome Outfits

I have been loving following along and seeing how creative you have all gotten with the daily prompts! I love perusing the #GetDressedStayHome hashtag on Instagram and getting new inspiration from you! So I hope it’s brightened your days as well!

Below, we’re rounding up some of the incredible ladies that have killed the daily prompts to help you find some at-home outfit inspiration! I’m also including some of my favorite outfits that I’ve worn as part of the challenge, too! Let’s jump in, yes? 

Be a Neutral Nancy

#GetDressedStayHome Outfits#GetDressedStayHome Outfits

Black & White

#GetDressedStayHome Outfits#GetDressedStayHome Outfits


#GetDressedStayHome Outfits

Passport to Paris

#GetDressedStayHome Outfits

What You’d Wear on Vacation

#GetDressedStayHome Outfits

#GetDressedStayHome Outfits

No Pants Allowed!

#GetDressedStayHome Outfits

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking

#GetDressedStayHome Outfits#GetDressedStayHome Outfits

Something Striped

Something StripedSomething Striped

Dressed Up Sweats

Dressed Up Sweats

Mix Two Prints

Mix Two PrintsMix Two Prints

Inspired by Tiger King

Inspired by Tiger King

A Little Bit Rock n’ Roll

A Little Bit Rock n' Roll

Try A New-To-You Trend

Try A New-To-You Trend

Green With Envy

Green With Envy


Some #GetDressedStayHome outfits I’ve been wearing: 

Mules (go up 1/2 size), jeans

Mules (go up 1/2 size), jeans (reviewed here), old tee (similar

A little bit rock n roll: 

Clearly I’m not the edgiest of sorts, but this is my one “rock and roll” tee that I’ve had for quite literally DECADES. I decided to pair it with my most “edgy” jeans–(I feel like washed black counts as edgy!?) and prepped it up with white loafer mules! (You’ll be seeing a lot of these with my outfits lately!) Mules are my new best friend in quarantine! They feel like slippers, but look like shoes! Win-win! 

preppy outfit

Mules (go up 1/2 size), Shirtdress

A little bit preppy:

Channeling my inner Kelly in the City with this outfit!! I LOVE a good loose shirt dress for wearing around the house. They first came out with this dress a couple years back, so I own it in two colors already and was so excited to add this new one to my collection! I wear them as casual dresses with sandals, dressed up with heels, or thrown over a bathing suit as a cover-up. 

Linen jumpsuit

Mules (almost sold out, but similar version here–they start at $37 on sale, and they have great reviews!), Linen jumpsuit (TTS, wearing size 0), Coat (runs TTS, wearing 0–I love the cut of it!) 

An out to dinner outfit: 

A VERY quarantine friendly jumpsuit in a color that always makes you smile (comes in other colors as well though!)I just got this jumpsuit and I’ve worn it several times around the house already!

Instead of changing into leggings and sneakers for an evening walk, I decided to stay dressed up, throw on my coat, and take a walk around the block. Sometimes it just feels nice to get out of the house in something you would’ve normally worn out to dinner, drinks, etc.

Bonus: The jumpsuit’s straps are wide enough to cover your bra straps (no strapless needed) and it’s stretchy in the back to make for super easy on and off. You can totally wear it without the belt, too! 

Linen top, jeans 

Linen top, jeans 

Girly + Feminine: 

Much like the jumpsuit, I couldn’t resist the color of this linen top! It’s the perfect feminine top to reach for on a warm day. It feels and looks like wearing sunshine! Loose and flowy fit. 

Amazon Mumu

Amazon Mumu (review here), Sandals 

What I’d wear on vacation:

For Easter, I pulled out my favorite old standby, the Amazon Mumu, which is one of my favorite “house dresses” ever. It’s basically a nightgown and they are especially great for vacation, thus, it fit the “what I’d wear on vacation” prompt perfectly!! 

most-worn jumpsuit of quarantine

Jumpsuit, Mules (go up 1/2 size), Sweater 

Be a neutral nancy: 

My other most-worn jumpsuit of quarantine. This incredibly soft cotton number will NOT steer you wrong. It feels like pajamas, but looks chic and put together! This color is almost sold out, but comes in many others as well! 

Top (on sale for $30!), Jeans (reviewed here), Sneakers (reviewed here), Jacket

Green with envy: 

Alright this can be a loose interpretation (See? You can really treat the prompts however you want!!) This green and purple tie die tee has been worn a LOT lately. It’s so comfortable and brings me so much joy! It’s super loose and long so it’s easy to tie in a knot or you can wear it loose with leggings! 

Top is old, but tons of fun colorful striped tees on sale at Madewell right now, jeans (reviewed here), Mules (go up 1/2 size) jacket (this one is a couple years old but the new one is very similar!) bike by Raleigh, helmet

Something striped: 

I wore this outfit the first day that it was REALLY nice outside! I rode my bike around the neighborhood and it was a nice alternative to walking. Whenever it’s nice weather, everyone wants to be out and about, and it’s hard to social distance when everyone is walking by you on the sidewalk! Thus, the bike is a great alternative–it’s easy to stay 6+ feet away! 

Sweater (on sale for $13!!), jeans (reviewed here), Mules (almost sold out, but similar version here–they start at $37 on sale, and they have great reviews!),

A pop of red: 

This sweater is one I’ve been living in, again, because the bright colors are so cheerful! It’s going to be one I wear all summer because it’s super lightweight (you’ll want to wear a tank under!) Because it has a red stripe, it totally counts for a “pop of red” ????but it could also totally count for “something striped” too! 

Thanks so much to everyone who has already participated! Would love to continue to see all your amazing outfits through the end of April! ???? Make sure to include both #GetDressedStayHome and tag me @jesskeys so it can count toward the donation tally! Every little bit can add up to a lot! ❤️

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