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GG x Gap: Slim City Pants Two Ways!

Oct 2, 2015

Gap City Pants Casual Fall
Gap City Pants Dressy Casual

There seems to be that one piece that you stumble upon each season and you’re like, “Holy matrimony, my [insert season here] is going to be so much BETTER because of these [insert item here]!!

In my instance, that sentence would read: “Holy matrimony, my fall is going to be SO MUCH BETTER because of these AMAZING PANTS!” 

Really though, aren’t they adorable? By the time November rolls around I am already SICK and TIRED of jeans and leggings, but have never really had other options. 

Until now, Slim City Pants, until now. 

They’re great for work, a meeting, a dive bar (where I headed in my second outfit, right after this shoot to be exact) church, or brunch with Granny. There is no situation that doesn’t call for these pants. Okay maybe not a wedding. But other than that, totally. 

Let’s dive into these outfits, shall we? 


Outfit one: Dressy Casual 

The dressy-casual work outfit to date night ensemble. When you pair these pants with traditional pumps, it’s perfect for a more conservative office setting, but since I don’t work in an office, I wanted to spice things up. To keep it interesting, I added leopard pumps, the striped long sleeved tee I’ve been living in lately (so comfy!), and a silk scarf around my neck. (I got this one in Dublin!) Again, to tone things down, I added my favorite brown leather jacket to tie everything together. 

Oh, and the bag. Speaking of the bag. This bag can also be worn two ways–one side leopard, one side classic black! It’s the perfect combination. Like a mullet bag, if you will, in the best way possible. I swapped it out to be my main purse a couple weeks ago and haven’t looked back since. 


Gap Pants-5

Gap Pants-6 Gap Pants-13 Gap Pants-14 Gap Pants-15 Gap Pants-16 Gap Pants-17

Gap Pants-4

Shop this look: Pants: c/o Gap Factory (on sale!) // Shirt: Maison Jules (Now under $10!) // Leather Jacket: from Massimo Leather in Florence, Italy when I studied abroad (similar here) // Pumps: Dolce Vita (identical here)  // Bag: c/o Vera Bradley // Bracelets: J.Crew (link bracelet) Busywrist gold mesh and Busywrist mini gold bead bracelet 


Outfit two: Low-key Sunday 

Gap Pants-20 Gap Pants-21 Gap Pants-22
Perfect for casual Sunday–I swapped my pumps for tennies, changed into a tank, and layered on a boyfriend button down. (Seriously, I stole this from Neal. He hates when fall rolls around because it means I still all of his shirts.) 

Have you heard me gush about how much I love shopping in the men’s and boy’s section? Seriously, try it. Gap men’s especially–on point. In this case, I went with a cozy grey chambray. (You don’t have to share with your boyfriend if you don’t want to. Shhh.) 

If the oversized boyfriend shirt isn’t your thing, a regular women’s button down would look just as great! 

For a bag, because I was getting a all sporty and boyfriend-like, a backpack seemed like the only fitting choice. This one is my very favorite–the chicest backpack I’ve ever seen. (It got me through Europe and back as my only handbag, too!) 

Gap Pants-23Shop this look: Pants: c/o Gap Factory (on sale!) // Shirt: Stolen from Neal’s closet (similar here) // Shoes: Keds // Backpack: c/o Vera Bradley

One final note, if you have fallen in love with these pants like I have, be sure to sign up for Gap Factory’s email list before you buy–you’ll get a 15% off coupon! 

What is your essential fall wardrobe staple this year? 

This post was sponsored by Gap Factory, however, all opinions remain 100% my own. 

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