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Some Fun Winter Socks!

Jan 10, 2022

Fun Winter Socks - fair isle socks Amazon

Happy Monday!

As you can tell, I’m definitely easing my way back into a regular posting schedule after the holiday break. (Thank you for your understanding!) I saw something on Instagram that said “January is the Sunday of months” and I am definitely embracing that philosophy and taking my time ramping back up into work as this is one of the few times per year where business is slow. (I hope you are taking it easy on yourself and taking things slow as much as possible, too! By the way, thanks for all the wonderful dm’s about that post. It’s really nice to know it’s not just me who is feeling this way!)

Anyway! We have now officially entered the part of winter where I start making random off the wall, cheerful and/or colorful purchases (remember Happy Sweaters?) in attempts to distract myself from the two more months (at least) of bitter cold that is Chicago winter. This is always the hardest time of year for me (I don’t do well with dark and cold), but I’ve found that sometimes it’s the little things that help the most!

Fun Winter Socks

My latest purchase to fall into this category? These fun fair isle socks from Amazon. They come in four pack with different colorways that make me smile every time I wear them!

They’re a chunky wool/cotton knit. (To be honest, I think they’re more cotton than wool, as I have wool socks that are warmer. I would say these are average warmth, but not the warmest socks I own.) They’re a nice weight/thickness to wear with boots, too!

The past couple weeks have been filled with “change from daytime pajamas into nighttime pajamas” kind of days, and if we’re being honest, I think these socks go a long way in cheering up my “outfits”–aka my PJ’s and leggings.

Welp. That’s all I have for you today.  Short and sweet! If you’re need of a little self-care present, I hope these make you smile, too!

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