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For Reals Meals

Dec 29, 2014

Awhile back I received a very delightful email from Megan Silanoff. Delightful emails are so few and far between these days, when I say I actually got excited about an email, you know how big of a deal that is.

Megan, an author of one of my now favorite books (more on that in a sec) 99 Problems but a Baby Ain’t One, (yes, that is a Jay-Z reference) and also blogger behind Greetings from Texas, had invited me to a lunch she was hosting called, For Reals Meals.

I’d heard of this concept before, but didn’t know much about it. Minutes later, a not-so-extensive google search quickly brought me to Jessica Murnane, founder of this awesome concept.

If you haven’t heard of it, For Reals Meals basically aims to spread more awareness to us meat eaters that eating a plant based diet can actually taste good (really, this is coming from the most skeptical of skeptics). Jessica chooses a host that doesn’t eat a plant-based diet. They choose a handful of guests they want to get to know better, in her words, “whether that’s someone they stalk on Instagram or some random person they met at a party”. They then cook (or cater) in an entirely plan-based meal for those fun people.  Then really talented photographers, like Eva Deitch, catch it on camera.

So that happened, thus I found myself at a lovely lunch with Megan, Jessica, and other fabulous female girl bosses, Joanna MacKenzie, Literary Agent at Browne & Miller, Merl Kinzie of Clyde’s Rebirth and Caitlin Kerr, The Foxglove Studio, munching on great food and sipping on some of the best juices I’ve ever tasted from Owen + Alchemy (which go fabulously with Champagne, if you aren’t the juice cleanse type).

They also make lovely Instagram photos.

The lunch menu included a Sprouted grains salad with roasted local carrot and smoked tomato vinaigrette, a 3-kale salad, shaved fennel, almond, radish, mixed with a creamy avocado dressing, and finally, kelp noodles with jalapeño, lemongrass vinaigrette, daikon, cilantro, scallion, sesame, carrot, and wakame. 

It was delicious! And I know you think I’m lying because I’m a cheeseburger and fry nazi, but seriously, it was really good. I’m a believer. 

Now, back to Megan’s book, which I just finished on the way home to Oregon for Christmas. She tells her own story of her battle with cancer (yes, she’s a very young woman, that’s very terrifying) as well as her journey adopting her daughter.

But don’t click away just yet. I know that sounds really heavy. But it’s actually one of the funniest and most inspiring books I’ve read in awhile. It made me laugh out loud just as much as Eightysixed did, which is a lot. I also breezed through it in just a couple days. Please do me a favor and read it for yourself! I know you’ll love it as much as I did.

Be sure to check out all the other For Reals Meals, and spread the word!

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