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Our Night at Flora Farms in San Jose Del Cabo

May 8, 2018

Our Night at Flora Farms in San Jose Del Cabo

Top: Abercrombie (it also comes in the PRETTIEST dusty blue color!) Runs TTS. If you’re looking for more basic camis, I love these too! So many of you have DMed me thanking me for turning you onto the Abercrombie camisoles ? | Linen pants: Also from Abercrombie ? (my friends were like WHAT IS HAPPENING?! Abercrombie is cool again!) they are SO comfortable and come in tons of colors. They’re oversized and do run big–size down! Leia is going to buy a couple pairs for Africa! Sandals: Splendid. They are SO comfortable, which I was really surprised by, but Splendid is my favorite shoe brand because all their shoes are insanely comfortable and never rub! | Earrings: Baublebar–these also come in lot’s of colors! | Bag: AMAZON! Haha! It’s so cheap and so cute. (I mean, you also get what you pay for. Not the quality of a $200 bag, but for a vacation purse, it’s everything you want!) | Sunnies: Ray Ban (these are the 53mm, they also come in a smaller 50mm size, which Leia is wearing here!)

I’ve been to Cabo twice in the past year, and one of the biggest highlights of both trips has been our visit to Flora Farms. It’s a completely sustainable farm and restaurant that is one of the prettiest places you’ve ever seen! The first time we went, I didn’t really take any photos because it was dark. Plus we were on our honeymoon so I wanted to be more in the moment and not behind my camera lens.

This past time, I went with my girlfriends and we arrived early to do a farm tour before our dinner reservation and do a little shopping (which I would highly recommend!). I brought my camera along for full documentation so you could come along with us. ? I know you will love it as much as I do! 

First, introductions. You have to meet my friends, Michal, Leia, and Courtney! We were all college roommates in our sorority (Tridelt) at Indiana University. The four of us shared a room the size of a small shoe box–literally not kidding. I think it was MAYBE 6′ x 6′. Michal and Leia live in San Francisco, and Courtney and I live in Chicago. So it was just as much of a reunion (the band is back together!!) as it was a celebration. I’d also bet money on the fact that my friends and I miggghhhtt be the biggest group of weirdos you’ve ever met. ?

Meet my friends:

Jess Keys & Friends at Flora Farms in San Jose Del Cabo

On Michal:

Dress is Carolina K (can’t find it online, but I’m linking a bunch of cute alternatives above!) Sandals by Soludos (run small). Sunnies are Ray Ban Aviators. On Leia: Paige Denim jumpsuit (old, but similar here and here) her purse was bought in a store in Berlin and her scarf is from India. (Of course. Be cooler, Leia.) Her sunnies are Ray Ban (they’re the 50mm version, which are a bit smaller than my 53mm version!)

Meet Michal: (Left) 

The reason we were in Cabo, for her 30th birthday! Her name is pronounced like “Michelle”–Michal is the Israeli way to spell it, which I love, but everyone misreads and calls her Michael, which is even better, because her last name is Strange. Michael Strange, what a name for a tall, loud, absurd “red head.”

Fun fact: Nobody ever considered her to be a red head until we were all at a party on college and some guy was like, “where is your red-headed friend?” We all fell on the ground laughing because we were so confused.  It’s basically the “blue or white dress” debacle. Is she a redhead or a brunette? People are very divided on the issue. Regardless, she is one of my best, best friends. To us, she’s just “Strange” in more ways than one. She’s the girl who would go on a run while on a bachelorette party in Vegas, she’s been known to eat a whole jar of peanut butter in one sitting, and we both share a love of “The Ping Pong song” by Enrique Iglesias. 

Meet Leia: (Right) 

Hands down, my most interesting friend–Leia is the one you can always count on to say “yes” regardless of how hilarious or absurd your idea. Exhibit A–she did not even hesitate at the idea of “upside down margaritas” at the Giggling Marlin which involves hanging by your ankles from the ceiling. We could always count on her to teach us Chinese vocabulary at the Tridelt dinner table, she’s been to more countries than I can count (including North Korea) and recently climbed Mt Kilimanjaro (casual?) She’s moving to Botswana this summer to work in the Peace Corps for the next two years helping with HIV/Aids initiatives. She and Strange also made up an imaginary best friend named “Sharon” who is the scapegoat of everything that goes wrong in their lives. 

Meet Courtney (below): 

Also known as my roommate for three straight years and everyone’s most entertaining friend, the only other person who *maybe* gave me a run for my money in the messy roommate department. She’s the best friend who will go to the end of the earth for you, has seen more lifetime movies than anyone I’ve ever met (in college she counted down the days to “The Pregnancy Pact” premiere) and she was always a fellow instigator of late night Taco Bell and Wendy’s runs (which happened almost nightly in college. No wonder I gained the freshman 20 ?).

She’s known for spinning elaborate tales to uber drivers, recently convincing an unsuspecting soul that she was raised Amish (which is admittedly, probably not as funny if you don’t know Courtney’s personality) and that she struck it rich by starting the popular website, AmishGoodsForYou.com. (Which does not exist ?) She also recently found out she got a big promotion the Friday of our trip and is totally kicking ass in her sales career–so proud of her.

Our Night at Flora Farms in San Jose Del Cabo

On Courtney:

Amanda Uprichard Jumpsuit from Shopbop (almost sold out but comes in lot’s of colors!) this one is almost identical and this one is also similar! I’m obsessed with this Madewell version with the ruffle! If a white jumpsuit is too much for you, consider a striped version instead! Rebecca Minkoff studded sandals (old, but these and  these from Sam Edelman are similar–I also love these!) Gucci Disco bag (her name is “Julia Gulia” for reasons I do not know ?) and Krewe sunglasses (expensive, but these dupes are only $15!!)

What to wear to Flora Farms:

This was a big mystery to me the first time I went–was it casual? Was it fancy? Trendy? Do I wear heels? My answer to that would be “vacation casual”–there’s definitely no dress code, everyone there is super nice and welcoming! I’d say a cute outfit with cute flats is perfect.

Courtney chose her adorable white wide-leg jumpsuit.

Which she bought for her honeymoon in Italy. It’s the perfect “in-between” outfit when you aren’t sure what to wear, because it can easily be dressed up with heels, but can also be dressed down with flats. She wore it here with some studded cage sandals for some added edge!

Michal chose a fun boho sundress by Carolina K.

She bought it in person and we can’t find it online anywhere (wah!) but I’m rounding up some similar favorites that would be perfect for the occasion above! She paired with with some easy Soludos–which make some of my favorite sandals–they’re really comfy and polished at the same time!

Leia wore a cool girl wide-leg denim jumpsuit.

Hers is sold out, but similar here and here! She paired it with some neutral comfy sandals like these ones!

As for me, I decided to create a matching set out of this camisole and pair of linen pants.

Which were not designed to go together but I loved the monochromatic look as well as the contrasting textures of the satin mixed with the linen! I brought along what I now call my “cheap vacation bag” – which is $20 from Amazon–I got it for my honeymoon and it’s now my favorite to bring on all my vacations because it’s beachy and I don’t really care if it gets damaged since it’s only $20 ? I also wore my fun striped slides which add another textural element and a bit of pattern to keep things interesting!

How to get the most out of Flora Farms:

Our Night at Flora Farms in San Jose Del Cabo

Getting there:

The farm is located in San Jose Del Cabo, so it’s a very quick cab from your resort if you’re staying in the area. If you’ll be in Cabo San Lucas, it’s a bit more of a hike, but totally worth it. You can ask your hotel to arrange a shuttle for you, or you can also take a cab. It’s expensive, but worth it, and not bad especially if you’re going with friends who can split it with you. I think our shuttle cost around $100 from downtown San Lucas, but split four ways, it’s totally reasonable!

Arrive before sunset, at least 1 hour ahead of your reservation:

The farm is SO beautiful and you won’t be able to really take it all in if you arrive after dark! This is probably the #1 tip I would recommend to those visiting Flora Farms and San Jose Del Cabo–yes, it’s fun after dark too, but you won’t get nearly as much out of it if you aren’t able to see all the natural beauty of the farm! I’d recommend arriving at least an hour (an hour and a half is probably even better!) ahead of your reservation. If you’re typically a late diner, consider making your reservation at sunset or before. On that note, reservations are HIGHLY recommended, the sooner you make them, the better. You can make Flora Farms Reservations right here on their website.

Take a (free!) farm tour:

They offer free guided farm tours where you can get a behind the scenes look at the farm and get access to places that the public aren’t able to go, like their dreamy event space where people get married! (I would TOTALLY get married at Flora Farms, haha!) You can schedule a free Flora Farms Guided tour here.

Grab a glass of wine at the wine bar:

The have a wine bar and coffee shop that is separate from the main bar/restaurant area. It’s super cute inside and their wine is great! I’d highly recommend grabbing a glass and then walking around with it while you browse the adorable shops.

Peruse the on-site shops:

Speaking of shops, there are a handful of expertly curated shops right at the entrance! They stock everything from home goods, apothecary goods (we all fell in love with one of their perfumes and all went home with one!), clothing, locally handmade gifts, and more!

Cooking or Painting Classes:

Next time I go, I really want to take a cooking class here during the day or maybe even a painting class! How amazing would that be!?

Flora in the City:

They also have outposts in town in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo, which I haven’t been to, but I’m sure are also amazing–if you don’t have time to make it out to the farm but want to experience a little piece of it!

More Behind The Scenes Photos of our Flora Farms Experience:

Flora Farms

Flora Farms Grocery is set up on one side of the restaurant “farmers market” style, where you can get fresh produce, freshly baked bread, baked goods, preserves and more, to go! 

Flora Farms has a handful of rescue dogs who roam the property and are hilariously very disinterested in you unless you give them food (which is not allowed!) but that doesn’t mean they don’t try to beg ?

One of the shops selling adorable artisan handbags and accessories! 



Left: Michal petting one of the farm dogs. Right: A display of perfumes at Anne Sidora 

A duck takes a break from his dip in the farm’s pond, out behind the restaurant



Left: Courtney and Leia sipping cocktails at one of the farm’s many adorable lounging spots Right: Me standing in front of the gates that lead to the private on-site cottages. 

Indulging in a hibiscus margarita (or two) is a must! Cheers! 

Another shot of one of the local Flora Farms shops (be wary, this one is expensive, but worth a browse!) 



Left: An old truck that sits near the pond! Right: Setting up for dinner service at one of the picnic tables out back 

One of the fresh, seasonal salads we ordered to start with. It had chicken and loads of fresh veggies, all grown on the farm. I think it was one of the best salads I’ve ever had! 

Well, this accurately captures both personalities ? Sharon is such a great photographer. 



Left: Plenty of seating available for pre-dinner cocktails. They even have an ice cream stand set up here! Right: In front of the picturesque floral photo backdrop! 

The inside of the colorful, eclectic open-air restaurant space. 
Courtney perusing locally made soaps in one of the shops!

The cutest baskets–one of which is overflowing with pricey but adorable bikinis. 

The burrata appetizer is another one not to be missed! It was light, fresh, and everything you would want on a perfect, balmy night. 

I mean ??



Have you been to Flora Farms!? I hope you put it on your list if you’re ever in San Jose Del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas! 

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