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How to (finally!) stop murdering your house plants

May 12, 2017

You guys, omg.

If you’ve ever killed a house plant, listen up. Your world is about to be rocked.

I am otherwise known as “plant assassin” in my house. I love plants so much–give me all the palms, the ferns, the succulents. I think they can make a difference between your house looking messily thrown together and “lived-in chic.” (Really!)

The only thing I can manage to keep alive is a snake plant, which is, as my future mother-in-law informed me, also called “the mother in law’s tongue” plant, because it literally cannot be killed. (Hahaha.)

Anyway, on my latest $100 IKEA plant run, I vowed to myself I would stop becoming a plant killer. I became very dedicated to watering the plants daily, checking the moisture level of the soil. I even bought these fancy Miracle Grow sticks to jam into the soil.

Andddd not much changed. Despite the “new leaf” (haaa) I had turned over, I was noticing the beginning signs. They were inevitably heading down that ever familiar path of a slow, withering, death.

Until I found something called “The Plant Nanny” on Amazon. (No, seriously, this isn’t sponsored either.)

They are these cheap $25 terracotta plant spikes. You fill an empty old wine or beer bottle with water, tip it upside down, and jam it into the plant pot. (You could even paint the wine bottle to make it look cute. I feel a DIY post coming on…) This works because it waters the plant at the exact pace it needs–there is no risk of under watering or over-watering!

And then you do LITERALLY NOTHING. Sit back, and watch your plants come back to life. The next morning, I looked at the plant and it was noticeably different–greener, and perkier!

I mean, look at him. Doesn’t he look like he’s smiling to you? (You can still notice brown spots on his leaves no thanks to my negligence–but he’s thankfully on his way to making a full recovery!)

Really though, order these right now!

(P.S. Sadly, I do not know what type of plant this is–I’ve gotten so many questions on it and I never know the answer! If anyone knows, let me know!) 

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