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A Festive Shirt Dress

Nov 29, 2016


Ruffled Shirt Dress: Leith at Nordstrom–if you want more of this color + ruffle combination, you’ll love this top (styled here in this post), this similar dress is also really versatile, and I also love this cold shoulder dress that would work for so many occasions (side note: I hate the term “cold shoulder”–doesn’t it sound rude?!)// Cheetah Pumps: Old, but similar here  // Clutch: Alice in Wonder (the cutest local online boutique!)  

I probably could’ve come up with a more interesting title for this post, however, I’m not sure you would’ve clicked on it if it had said “chic pillow-case-like-dress-for-hiding-all-of-the-holiday-pounds.

Yes, hm, that’s really a much better description. Although, “a festive shirtdress” definitely is no lie. It is a beautiful festive color that isn’t, like, IN YOUR FACE festive, and it is in fact, a shirtdress! So–I was still shooting you straight. (Just like I’ve always promised you.)

Whichever way you slice it, this dress is an amazing winter wardrobe staple. (ANNDDD it’s only $75–yesssss.)

Now, I’m going to be honest with you. It’s late and I can’t think of anything else to write. So now I’m going to rattle of some random thoughts you might find interesting. Late night thought roulette–YAY!

1. Thoughts on playlists: Fun fact: Neal and I share a Spotify account, and despite the fact that it’s MY Spotify account, he ends up kicking me off of it the majority of the time. Since Neal has Amazon Prime (are we sensing the irony of this flip-flop?) I decided to try out Prime Music after years of getting kicked off of my Spotify account, and know what you guys? They have BETTER playlists than Spotify! (NO they did not tell me to write this. I don’t work with Amazon. But heeyyy Amazon if you’re reading this, I’m a fan.) I feel like everyone forgets that with Prime, they get access to what is essentially Spotify’s twin sister. Well, download it. It’s awesome, and their Christmas playlists are so great!

2. When you break your iPhone: Another fun fact: I’m known for setting fragile items on the edges of counter tops. (So don’t trust me with your baby. JUST KIDDING KELLY! I’m really good with babies!) My poor iPhone met its match at Neal’s Aunt’s house on Thanksgiving. Typical me, I had thrown it on the counter in a rush and it had gotten covered up by a dish towel. Thus, I couldn’t find it. (This happens about 10 times per day) so when I had Neal call it, it vibrated right off the counter. SPLAT.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I discovered thankfully there are places that just fix iPhone screens. (I had NO idea. I’ve never broken an iPhone screen, so I thought I had to get a whole new iPhone! Did you know about this!?) I got mine fixed today at Jet City on Fullerton for $100 in under 30 mins. PHEW! SO MUCH BETTER THAN BUYING AN IPHONE!

3. My Aunt Ann and cousin Ally are coming to visit this weekend! I’m so excited! We’ve never had a guest bedroom before, so this will be our first time hosting family! (I’ve got a LOT of work to do in the guest room this week, ha!)

They’re from Oregon and have never been to Chicago before, so I’m aiming to give them the full authentic experience 😉 On our agenda is Christkindlemarket, shopping on Michigan Avenue, a stop at Portillo’s and maybe Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo! We’re also seeing a play on Sunday–I can’t wait! What are your favorite holiday things to do in the city? Would love suggestions!

4. Our new favorite wine is Meomi Pinot Noir. My friend Kai gave us a bottle for our engagement party and we’ve been hooked ever since! They sell it at most grocery stores and it’s typically under $20 per bottle! (I’m reminded to share this with you because we just ran out. Wah!) Take note of this for hostess gifts. (And for yourself, obviously.)

5. If you’re looking to support small shops this holiday season, I’d love if you popped over to Alice & Wonder! It’s the cutest online boutique and they have the cutest clothes! I just did a shoot with them a couple weeks back and we had a total blast. See this clutch? It’s from there 😉 They just got so much cute holiday stuff in, too, and prices are so affordable! (You also might see a familiar face :-P)

6. I just bought a queen-sized faux fur blanket at Target and it has changed my life. I impulse-purchased it (obviously, what else do you do at Target?) before Thanksgiving and when we went to the lake I actually missed it. I MISSED A BLANKET. It was intended to go on our bed but I now prefer to wear it around the house looking like The Revenant. The bad news: I can’t find it online, but I promise if you go to Target and go to the endcap display in the blanket section. It will be there! Go go go! Thank me later!

(If you’re still reading this far, bless your heart, thank you. You’re really nice.) 

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I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday! 

Photos by Iron & Honey 

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