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FAQ’s: Every Question about My Engagement Ring, answered!

May 4, 2018

This is the shot I took to send to all my friends when I woke up the next morning after we got engaged! I remember being SO EXCITED looking at my hand drinking coffee ? Also, the ONE TIME I do not choose a classic red manicure and instead choose BARBIE PINK, I get engaged. I mean, really? What are the odds. 

Okay, so, I get A LOT of questions about my engagement ring, so I figured it would be best if I did a BIG OL’ Q&A post answering every single thing you guys have ever asked about my ring. ? I hope this is helpful! (Feel free to send to your significant other, hint hint.)

Where is your engagement ring from?

It’s from Jewelry Patch in NYC–the owner is a friend of a friend! Neal did everything from Chicago and didn’t actually see the ring until it was shipped to him! He reached out to them, told him what he wanted to spend and exactly what he was looking for, and they went in search for my diamond and got in touch with him a couple weeks later and told him they found it. They sent him photos and all the details about the diamond (rating, price, etc) and when he approved they had it shipped to NYC and got started on my setting.

Important tip: No matter who you purchase a ring from, make sure you get the diamond wholesale. You will save SO MUCH money this way–most big box jewelers are a gigantic rip off, so definitely avoid those and go with the mom and pop stores who have been in business for generations! You should be able to approach a local jeweler and they will source the diamond for you based on how much you want to spend and definitely get you the most bang for your buck.

How many carats is it?

My ring is 2 carats. Some people tell me it looks bigger than that but I have child hands and little fingers ? I promise, that’s how many carats it really is!

What is the cut and setting?

It’s a classic round cut in a 4-prong, white gold setting with a thin yellow-gold band.

Important tip: If you want a yellow-gold band, make sure the setting isn’t yellow gold, because the diamond picks up the color of the setting and a gold setting will make it yellow and not as brilliant and beautiful.

Can I see an up-close photo of the setting?

Yes you can–see below. I love that it’s really high up–I think it makes a statement while still being really classic at the same time!

Did you and Neal shop for rings beforehand?

No, we never went ring shopping and I had absolutely NO idea that he was proposing. (Which is what we wanted). I have always loved my mom’s engagement ring. So I knew I wanted a very thin yellow gold band with a round diamond. He did the rest himself! To get my ring size, he sneakily took my mom’s engagement ring (which I sometimes used to wear on my right hand) out of my ring dish when I was out of town. He took it to a local jeweler to get it sized, haha!

Where did you get your wedding band? What did you choose?

Both of our wedding bands are A.Jaffe and we got them at C.D. Peacock–a local Chicago jeweler and the oldest in Chicago! They are family run, and we can’t say enough amazing things about them! They only have locations in the suburbs but they’re worth the drive and take the best care of you! If you’re shopping for wedding bands this post on whether you need a wedding band or not is a must read!

Had you talked about getting engaged before he proposed?

Yes, we definitely had. We were both definitely in agreement that we were getting married at some point. I just figured him proposing was at least a year out because we had just put an offer in on our condo! He really pulled the rug out from under me there ?

How did Neal pop the question?

There’s actually a whole post on that right over here! He really nailed it. He even hired the talented Kina Wicks to document it all. Hands down, the best day of my life!

Did I miss any questions?! Feel free to leave them below if so! ?



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