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Not your Cousin Eddie’s Canadian tuxedo

Aug 21, 2014

Photo via I want to be her

Photo via I want to be her

I was doing my usual Pinterest stalking the other day and came across one pin that I couldn’t stop thinking about. One of those that makes you immediately dash to your closet and realize you do  in fact have all the necessary ingredients to make this incredible fashion cocktail you can’t believe you didn’t think of sooner. 

That was this photo. Seriously? How is this something that had never crossed my mind? There is something so casual-grunge, yet so astonishingly chic, you can’t put your finger on it. Canadian tuxedos everywhere just got a serious upgrade. It immediately gave me the most violent season-swing (yes, that’s similar to mood swing, but typically associated with emotions that only the weather in Chicago can evoke). I am now perfectly okay with fall approaching, so I can get away with wearing this outfit 3 days per week (ah, the benefits of working from home!)

How to do it? Start with a button down chambray shirt, preferably in a slightly darker wash, which will look nicest juxtaposed with white. Pair with skinnies of a similar wash — which, typically, I would be against if you’re going straight denim-on-denim (THEN that would be a look to make Cousin Eddie swoon). However, since the white blazer becomes the focal point of your outfit, the similar head-to-toe color eliminates any background noise and really lets that gem of a blazer sparkle. Speaking of sparkle, finish it off with a statement necklace, and you’re ready to go. 

Shop this look now, my friend, so you’re prepared when the temperatures cool! 

Perfect chambray button down

Chic white blazer

Classic denim skinnies 

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