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Everything You Need to Know About Everlane’s Silk Button Down

Mar 15, 2018

Everlane Silk Button Down on Jess Keys of The Golden Girl Blog

Top: Everlane (comes in several colors (dying for this gorgeous cornflower blue color!) and also comes with pockets as well as a sleeveless version!) Skirt: Topshop via Nordstrom –I’m obsessed! It runs small, size up! Pay attention to the sizing tips on the website! It’s also not too short, it’s the perfect length! Leather jacket: from Italy when I studied abroad, but this one, this one, and this one are similar! 

Happy Thursday guys!

I actually had another blog post planned today butttt time got away from me ? (the post that was SUPPOSED to go up today is actually four ways to wear this jean skirt you see above! So…this will serve as a little sneak peak. Hehe.)

Speaking of what I’m wearing above–today’s post is not on the skirt, but the shirt–the Everlane silk button down called “the relaxed silk shirt” to be exact. I think this shirt has honestly become synonymous with like…me, in general. I wear it SO. OFTEN. I’m going to link all the posts I’ve worn it in recently, but it’s A LOT. I rarely travel without it because it’s the one shirt that works in all weather, for all occasions. It’s just the best!

I’ve also never been asked so many questions about ONE specific shirt, ever, in the history of this blog–so, I figured, let’s do a whole little Q&A blog post about it–why not?

Q&A: The Everlane Silk Button Down

What size do you wear?

I own a size 2 because that is the size I wore when I got the top two years ago. I typically wear 0 these days (thanks, Orangetheory!) but I still love the way it fits. It’s a little looser than it used to be but not by much. It’s supposed to be a relaxed fit. If you’re in between sizes, I’d say ordering your current size will fit like a normal relaxed fit shirt does, if you order a next size up, it will be more flowy. Both are great!

If you wear it untucked, does it cover your bum?

Yes, it does, but please note this really will depend on your height. I’m 5’6 and its fairly long on me–it does cover my behind, so it looks good tucked out if you prefer the tunic-style or tucked in. (I’m a big fan of the front tuck or a front-tie, like I did above!)

Is it see through?

THE most common question I receive. The answer is, as long as you wear a nude bra that matches your skin color it is not see through. Several of you have said you returned it because it was see through and I will assure you, this is because you are wearing the wrong color nude bra! I also often wear my black bra underneath it (I like when it’s a little show-through for date nights anyway!) and I never feel inappropriate.

Does it breathe well? Do you have troubles with under arm stains?

I get this question a lot too and I have to admit I really don’t sweat very much in general so this is tough for me to say, but I will say it is much more breathable/cooler than, say, a regular poplin button down that you would wear to work. If you find that you have issues with yellowing in your shirt’s under arms–I learned that this is actually caused by your deodorant, NOT sweat. Sweat has no color, but when it mixes with the chemicals in your deodorant (aluminum)–this is what causes the yellowing. Switch to a natural deodorant and this should fix the issue! (I like Tom’s and Native brands!)

Is it dry clean only?

Yes, it is dry clean only. However, I have also spot treated it in between dry-cleans with a Tide to go pen (aka MAGIC) with great success.

How often do you clean it?

So this topic will be approached in a different blog post (i.e. how to take care of/not ruin your clothes) but I truly only dry clean it when it’s dirty. Usually this is about every 5 wears. It’s not bad. (Never clean your clothes unless you NEED to clean them! It ruins them!) I hang it up nicely after every use and it usually lasts me quite awhile. If you like posts like this, see how to clean and care for your velvet.

Does it wrinkle easily?

I mean, if you pack it in a suitcase, it will get wrinkled, but they steam out SO easily with a steamer. (I carry this mini steamer with me everywhere!)

Does it hold up well?

It does! It’s very high quality and like everything Everlane makes–is very well made. It truly feels like a $300 shirt.

What do you wear it with?

I’ve styled it a bunch of ways–you can see a few of them here, here (for how I wear it under a dress!) here (how I wear it with a skirt!) and here!


I hope this helps you guys! Do you have any other questions? Leave ’em below and I will answer! 🙂

Photo by Hannah 


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