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Four Everlane Staples You’ll Love (Plus, How to Style Them!)

Aug 3, 2018

Four Everlane Staples You'll Love (Plus, How to Style Them!)

Top, Skirt, Shoes, Tote–all c/o Everlane, Similar earrings here 


It’s here!

We got home from Cincinnati last night and had such a fun trip! It’s such a charming city with so many cute restaurants–we always have so much fun when we visit. We’ve got a fun agenda this weekend–my best friend Michal from San Francisco is in town (remember her from my Cabo Girls Trip?) so we’re doing a big dinner on Friday night, then heading up to the lake on Saturday (because we’re so busy the rest of the month we won’t have another chance to get up there before Labor Day ?). I hope you have some fun weekend plans lined up as well!

We snapped these photos on our way to dinner last night and I’ve been loving these Everlane basics ever since I got them! Some of them just came out and some of them have become my wardrobe standbys–but I’m sharing more on them below–I know you’ll love them too!

If you’re new here and you DON’T know about Everlane yet (aside from the fact that I wear an Everlane piece in almost every outfit of mine these days ?) they’re a brand I’ve loved since the very beginning–seriously, when they only made like 10 things.

They have beautifully simple, high-quality, yet affordable designs, and I admire them for their dedication to partnering with ethical factories with fair wages, reasonable hours, and ideal working environments. They have a whole section of their website where you can learn about all the factories they partner with, and see photos and videos of all of them! I love reading all of their unique stories.

Everlane also runs a lot of initiatives to better the lives of those who work in their factories around the world. Last year, instead of running a big holiday sale, they used their profits from Black Friday to build an organic farm for workers in Vietnam who have trouble getting access to fresh vegetables without pesticides.

They’re also environmentally conscious–for example–their denim factory in Vietnam recycles 98% of its water!

Their prices are cheaper because they sell their items directly to consumers, cutting out the middleman. On their website, you can even see how much each item would cost with the traditional retail markup, vs what Everlane is able to charge for it! It’s really awesome! If you want to start feeling better about how you’re shopping, you definitely want to look into this brand!

It takes a lot for me to get passionate about a brand. (What can I say? I’m lazy, and if we’re being honest–I just like cute clothes. I have no interest in “fashion” ?) but Everlane is different, and a brand I’ve ALWAYS been proud and excited to wear and cheer on as they grow!

Okay okay– you get it. I’ll stop gushing and tell you about the clothes now ?

Everlane Striped Tank Review

The Cotton Double V Tank: $15

Everlane just came out with these tanks and I absolutely LOVE them. (I wish I would’ve had one in every color in Italy!) I think the cut of them is so flattering–I love the thicker straps (straps? Are they considered straps? I guess I’m still living by the “three finger” strap width rule from all my high school dress code infractions) and the V shape in both the back and the front!

The great part about it is that it’s cropped and has a bit of a swingy quality to it, which keeps you really cool if you leave it tucked out but also looks just as cute tucked in!

Any of these tanks would also look adorable paired with your favorite pair of jeans (I love it with my Everlane kick-crops in white!) and their new V-heels! I think you could also totally make it work for the office if you work in a more casual environment but still need to look polished–just pair it with some cropped trousers and the same heels I’m wearing here–the Day heels–they are so comfortable and come in tons of colors!

Sizing: Run TTS.

The Classic Denim Skirt: $58

I absolutely LOVE this denim skirt–it’s high-waisted, not too short, and comes in a dark wash and a light wash (the light wash has a raw hem!) I think if you’ve been feeling on the fence about denim skirts–this white denim version is DEFINITELY the way to go. It feels casual and classic without feeling like you went back in time and borrowed it from the 7th grade version of yourself.

I brought this skirt to Italy with me and paired it with this adorable tee in “poppy stripe”, their Japanese Go-Weave cami, and wore it to several dinners paired with the Day heels and walked around in it during the day paired with their wrap sandals.

Sizing + fit: I think it runs true to size BUT I will say I think it’s tricky to get on if you have hips and a butt–it takes a lot of shimmying–so just a heads up if this happens to you–you can also try putting it on over your head ?

The Day Heel: $150

I’m a broken record about these shoes I KNOW but honestly–they are probably my #1 most worn pair of shoes no matter what time of year it is. I swear random people recognize me around the neighborhood as “the girl with red shoes.” They achieve what no other shoe has been able to achieve before them–polished heels with the comfort of flats. No matter how much you’re on your feet–you’ll love them. I’ve even walked from downtown to Wicker Park in them before! (That’s almost three miles!!)

Sizing: If in doubt, go up 1/2 size.

The Everlane Market Tote:

I have never heard so many people rave about a tote as the feedback I got from you guys about this Everlane Market Tote when I asked for your tote bag recommendations for this post! I had been curious about the bag but after that, I knew I had to try it out for myself–it really does live up to the hype. It’s super roomy and I like that the leather is a bit stiffer so it stands up and keeps its shape on its own rather than flopping over. It fits all my essentials–laptop, giant DSLR camera, notebook, and makeup bag–so it’s ideal for both work and travel!

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Four Everlane Staples You'll Love (Plus, How to Style Them!)

Hope you have a great weekend! 

This post is sponsored by Everlane, one of my very favorite clothing brands–I know you’ll love them as much as I do!! 

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