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Everlane Market Tote VS Madewell Transport Tote–Which is Right for You?

Mar 12, 2019

Okay, so, after receiving the 8,498th DM about whether or not to go with the Madewell Transport Tote or the Everlane Market tote yesterday, I decided–enough is enough–why do I not have a blog post comparing and contrasting the two!? ?

Alas, that is what you will get today! 

It’s no question that I adore both of these tote bags–which is why you will notice they are my #1 bag of choice in nearly every outfit post that I shoot. (That and I really just don’t own that many bags. I’m not a big bag person. ?I mean, they hold your stuff–how many do you need?) 

First, I’ll go through the pros and cons of each, and then, at the end–leave my reccos on which you should choose based on your own personal preferences, and why! 

The Everlane Day Market Tote: $175 

The Everlane Day Market Tote: $175 

I’ve had this tote for probably a year now–I decided to go with the light taupe color, but it comes in lot’s of colors. I think this truly amazing all-purpose bag that every woman will benefit from having in her closet. 

Available colors: Light taupe (pictured above), black, navy, blush, cognac, pink, light camel.

Pros of Everlane Day Market Tote: 

It holds A LOT of stuff, it comes in tons of very sharp colors, it’s made of a durable leather that wipes off easily–it’s the kind of leather to where if you spilled your coffee on it, it would wipe off, vs. with the Madewell one, it would not. I also think that it’s more polished looking than the Madewell tote, so if you work in a more professional setting, this is the bag I would go with. The Everlane tote is also a bit wider than the Madewell tote, just FYI. 

Cons of Everlane Day Market Tote: 

It doesn’t have a zipper, nor does the inside pocket zip. It could probably use more inside pockets as well, but that’s just me being very nit-picky. 

The Madewell Transport Tote:  $168 

Available at MadewellNordstrom, and Shopbop 

The Madewell Transport Tote:  $168 

Okay, to make matters a LITTLE more complicated, I love my Madewell Transport Totes equally–but they also come in every variation under the sun–different sizes, leather, canvas, zippers, no zippers, etc. What I will be speaking to are the original transport tote and the zip-top transport tote. I have one in brown (above) and one in black (below!)

Note–if you can’t find the color/bag combo you’re looking for on one site, remember they sell them at MadewellNordstrom, and Shopbop. If you want to order it online and have it monogrammed, you have to order directly through Madewell.com, or you can always your bag in store to get monogrammed at certain locations!

Pros of the Madewell Transport totes:

I love the way they look, obviously, and they hold a TON of stuff. They are also durable–I’ve had my first one for over three years now–I’ve pretty much beaten it to hell and it’s still going strong. The biggest pro to me is that it comes with the option of a zipper top–which is essential if you’re a heavy traveler or commuter. I also like that the inside pocket zips! 

Key differences between the Transport Totes: 

The sizing is slightly different with both. The non zipper top bag is slightly taller than the zipper top. Not that I notice a difference in how much they can hold–just noting for reference.

The open top bag is also has a raw edge on top, which I think makes it look more casual and less professional so that’s just something to watch out for if you work in an office setting. 

Cons of the Madewell Transport totes:

Like the Everlane tote, I do wish it had a few more compartments in it. (A pocket for a laptop would be great.) Again, I’m being nit-picky.

Also, this isn’t a con, just more of a preference thing–the leather these are made out of is softer and more buttery vs. the stiffer leather of the Everlane bag–which means, if you get a light color, it might stain more easily.

Additionally, the leather is more pebbled/textured–so it’s not as sleek–if I were going into a big meeting with my best power suit on, I would carry the Everlane bag over the Madewell bag, but for everyday, I would choose the zip-top Madewell tote! 

Okay, but which one do I choose? 

[one-half-first]All Black Outfit - Everlane Market Tote vs Madewell Transport Tote – Which is Right for You?[/one-half-first][one-half]Everlane Market Tote vs Madewell Transport Tote – Which is Right for You?[/one-half]

If you want a casual, classic bag for everyday that holds a ton of stuff: Go with the Madewell tote. This is the one I use the most! I prefer the one with the zipper top, just for security’s sake. 

If you want a versatile, polished, professional looking bag that you can dress up for the office but also use for everyday (and a zipper top isn’t important to you) go with the Everlane bag

Was this helpful!? I hope so! Let me know any additional questions you have below! 

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