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Everlane Late Fall Capsule

Everlane fall/winter capsule
We’re closing out October with a bang, HUZZAH! 
Today, I’m so excited to be partnering with one of my all-time favorite brands, Everlane, again to share this month’s capsule–it is FULL of cozy neutrals, and some of your most highly requested items! (Cashmere, Alpaca sweater, Double Breasted Blazer, Cords, Wide Leg Crops, Air tee––the gang’s all here!!
If you’re new here, I’ve been an Everlane fan for 5+ years now. They make super high-quality wardrobe staples for amazing prices because they cut out the middlemen. 
Also, they are ALL about transparency–if you scroll down on any product page, you can see how much it cost them to make the item in relation to how much they’re charging for it. They partner with ethical factories (you can read all about each one here!) and have a huge goal of eliminating all virgin plastic from their supply chain by 2021
Basically, they’re doing a lot of amazing things, besides just making great clothes! 
So let’s get into this month’s essentials, shall we? 

Fall/Winter Capsule Items: 

Tops, Sweaters + Blazers: 

Everlane fall/winter capsule

Everlane Oversized Alpaca Crew

I had SUCH a hard time choosing which color I wanted in this amazing sweater! Ultimately, I went with “mustard,” because it’s one of my favorite fall colors AND I knew I wanted these cords and really love a monochromatic look. 

Sizing: Oversized, runs big, went with XS.

Everlane fall/winter - crew neck tee

Everlane Air Oversized Crew Tee

You guys have been requesting that I review this tee ever since it came out this summer and I FINALLY got around to ordering it! As you probably imagined, it does not disappoint. I love the slinky, oversized fit–it’s perfect for knotting–and it’s SO incredibly soft, and of course–as the name would imply–light as air. It’s the perfect year-round layer, but I especially love this color (called “Oatmeal”) for fall and winter! 

Sizing: Runs oversized, went with XS. 
Everlane fall/winter - fleece raglan

Everlane ReNew Fleece Raglan Sweatshirt

Their new ReNew fleece sweatshirts do not disappoint! I also have last year’s version in another color–I think this one is softer and less boxy, FYI! It’s really thick and warm, and it adds some really great texture to your outfit. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge “sweatshirt” gal, but this one is so stylish and polished, it makes it easy to be casual and comfortable at the same time! 
Sizing: TTS. I think it’s less boxy/more fitted than last year’s version! 
Everlane fall/winter - square turtleneck

Everlane Cashmere Square Turtleneck

Okay, this might be my favorite Cashmere sweater Everlane has made yet. You guys know there are very few things I don’t “front tuck”–but this is an exception, because it’s cut a bit on the cropped side–it’s boxy, but not TOO boxy, so somehow, it’s actually still really flattering. The shape is more modern/stylish, but it’s still classic at the same time. Can’t say enough good things! 
Sizing: TTS–wearing small 

Everlane fall/winter - double-breasted blazer

Sizing: Oversized fit, size down. I went with a 0! 
You’ll remember their classic boyfriend blazer from this How to Style a Plaid Blazer post? Well, their newest blazer is this double-breasted version, and I got SO many requests to do compare both of them!
Honestly, I love both, I really think it comes down to which style you prefer–there’s no wrong answer! I LOVE a double-breasted blazer, and this one is no exception. I think this one is cut a bit sleeker than their classic version–and, because it’s double-breasted, you can actually button it and wear it as a single layer/top! (See more below!) It’s great for work and wearing out, too! Blazers come in as especially handy layers for travel as well, due to their versatility! 

White Button Down 

I love a good white button-down for ANY season, but I think it’s especially great for layering under sweaters in the winter to put a more classic, polished spin on them! You’ll see in a second. ?The one I’m wearing here is old, but my favorite tip when buying a white shirt for layering is to shop the men’s section! Everlane makes a great men’s oxford–I usually go for a men’s small! 



Everlane fall/winter - corduroy straight leg crop

Everlane Corduroy Straight Leg Crop

I am IN. LOVE. With these cords, you guys. When I ordered them online, I was still unsure–I definitely thought, “I’m either going to love these or hate these ?” and unsurprisingly (as with pretty much everything Everlane)–I ADORE them. A lot of my style inspiration is pulled from the 70’s and these are very 70’s, but modern at the same time. Plus, another bonus: they’re really warm! The color I’m wearing here is Golden Brown. 

Sizing: TTS! I’m a size 0. (They fit the same as the regular straight leg + wide leg crops!) 
Everlane fall/winter - wide leg crop

Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pant

I have now successfully rounded out my Everlane Wide Leg Crop collection with the addition of this “Ochre” color, which again, I have to say, is another choice I knew I was either going to love or hate. (But Anna has them in this color and I loved them on her, so I had a good feeling about them!) I really love how versatile this color is and how it goes with everything. I love how the wide leg crops are a great alternative to both jeans AND can be dressed up for the office or a swanky event, too. See how to style black wide leg crops here and how to style white wide leg crops here!
Sizing: TTS! I’m a size 0.
straight jeans

Everlane ’90s Cheeky Straight Jean 

Another big request you guys have had–comparing the ’90’s Cheeky Jean to the regular Cheeky Straight jean! Here’s the quick answer: I love them BOTH. The ’90’s Cheeky is definitely what I’d consider a “mom jean” type cut–vintage inspired, high-waisted, but looser through the thigh (and where your thigh meets your butt, if that makes sense ?) a straight leg (it’s a bit of a wider straight fit than the Cheeky straight, IMO). Here I’m wearing the “Vintage Dark Wash” in regular length! I love the vintage feel of these, and how they’ve got oneeee little rip in the knee–which is just enough edge for me! 

Fun fact: All of their denim is made in a LEED certified factory (you can read all about their factory here!) that recycles 98% of its water and relies on alternative energy sources and repurposes byproducts throughout the manufacturing process! 

Sizing: TTS–I wear size 25 (which is what I wear in almost every jean size). They do not stretch! 


Everlane day boots

Everlane Day Boot

I now have these boots in three colors because I’m THAT obsessed with them. They are truly the most comfortable booties you can find. The leather is so soft and buttery, they require absolutely no break-in! I can walk for miles in them at a time–I even wore them all over Portugal. This Ecru color is my latest addition to my wardrobe, and I could not be more obsessed with them. I typically feel like white booties are too edgy for me, but because these are a soft (more of a buttercream) color, they totally feel classic and almost vintage-inspired––so up my alley! 

Sizing: TTS 

Everlane fall/winter editor heel

Everlane Editor Heel 

If you’re looking for a low, polished, beautiful pump–look no further! I love the pointed toe and the square shape on the top. These are great for everything from date night to the office. 

Sizing: TTS 

Everlane fall/winter glove boot reknit

Everlane Glove Boot ReKnit 

If you love the Day boot, you will love the ReKnit Glove boot! They are ALSO so incredibly comfortable, but they’re made of a stretchy knit, and cut higher and tighter on the ankle, making them excellent for cold weather because they keep your ankles warm! The black is back-ordered right now, but I promise they’ll be worth the wait! (Many other colors available though!) 

Sizing: TTS 

modern loafer

Everlane Modern Loafer 

I’ve had these loafers for a long time now and I love them so much. Because of their sleek shape, I think they are sleeker and more versatile than many loafers that have a rounded toe, so they’re easier to dress up! They definitely take some breaking in but it’s well worth it! 

Sizing: Run small/narrow–go up 1/2 size! 

Now, let’s get into the outfits! 

Everlane fall/winter wardrobe

Everlane Alpaca Sweater, Everlane Corduroy Straight Leg Crops, Everlane Day Boots

One of my FAVE outfits of the whole set–I love a monochromatic look AND a lot of texture in my outfits–and this outfit checks both boxes! Of course, this definitely can work with brown boots or black boots as well, but I adore their Day Boots in the Ecru color. It puts a fresh twist on fall outfits (and I’ll be thankful to have them to brighten up winter outfits when I’m sick of dark colors!) 

fall/winter fashion

Everlane ReNew Fleece Raglan SweatshirtEverlane Corduroy Straight Leg Crops, Everlane Modern Loafer 

Who says sweatshirts can’t be chic? I love the textural combination of the cords with the fleece knit! Casual and comfy, but polished at the same time! I’m always looking for comfortable outfits that still look like you made an effort, you know? (I also wore this outfit with sneakers the other day!) 

fall fashion

Everlane Alpaca Sweater, Everlane Corduroy Straight Leg CropsEverlane Oversized Double-Breasted BlazerEverlane Editor Heel 

Same monochromatic top + bottom from above–but with a swap of shoes, and the addition of the blazer, it becomes perfect for the office. Pretty neat trick, huh? ?

fall outfit ideas

Everlane Cashmere Square Turtleneck, Everlane Corduroy Straight Leg CropsEverlane Day Boots

A bright and fresh twist on a fall outfit–I love the lighter boots with the lighter sweater against the pretty orangey-brown of the cords! Again, you’ve got different textures going, and the little specks in the sweater knit almost create a “pattern”-like quality–resulting in a fun outfit combination! This is something I’d wear everywhere from shopping on a Saturday to dinner, to the office! 

Everlane Cashmere Square TurtleneckEverlane Wide Leg Crop PantEverlane Glove Boot ReKnit, old scarf 

Same sweater, totally different look! This time, I swapped the pants for the wide-leg crops–I get a lot of questions on how to style these, so I definitely wanted to include a few looks styling them! I love this brown color–it’s so perfect for fall and goes with everything! It’s really easy to dress them up and down, and they look ESPECIALLY great with a sock bootie! This is a great, polished look you can wear anywhere! 

Everlane fall/winter

Everlane Wide Leg Crop PantEverlane Oversized Double-Breasted Blazer, Everlane Air Oversized Crew TeeEverlane Glove Boot ReKnit 

THIS TEE! I love it SO much! Such a great layer to go under a blazer (or a cardigan, or pretty much anything!) Originally, I didn’t think that an oversized blazer would work with wide leg pants, but I feel like it results in a really fashionable chic seventies college professor vibe ?but the addition of the sock bootie still keeps it modern and on-trend! 

everlane items

Everlane Alpaca SweaterEverlane Wide Leg Crop PantEverlane Day Boots

My favorite sweater again, this time, with a button-down underneath! Layering a button-down underneath a sweater or sweatshirt is one of my best tips for dressing up something that is a bit more on the casual side! (This outfit would totally look great with jeans or their straight leg crops as well!) 


Everlane Wide Leg Crop PantEverlane Oversized Double-Breasted Blazer, Everlane Editor Heel 

Okay, remember the blazer with wide leg crops look above? Just swap your base layer and shoes–and you’ve got a look that is sharp and chic for a business meeting! It’s hard to feel on-trend when you work in a more formal office environment, and this outfit formula is the perfect way to do this! 

everlane products

Everlane 90’s Cheeky Straight JeanEverlane Oversized Double-Breasted BlazerEverlane Editor Heel 

Ever thought of wearing JUST a blazer as a top? I LOVE the sexy 80’s vibe it gives off–you could also layer a camisole underneath if it’s a little to much skin for you! 

everlane fashion pieces

Everlane Alpaca SweaterEverlane 90’s Cheeky Straight JeanEverlane Day Boots

I cannot get enough of this sweater! I think it’s one of my favorite sweaters they’ve ever released. It’s just SO. SOFT. And the texture and color on it just makes any outfit you pair it with extra special. In particular, I love the contrast of the sweater with the color of these jeans–and I think the addition of the ecru boot really takes the look up a notch! 

casual fall lookEverlane ReNew Fleece Raglan SweatshirtEverlane 90’s Cheeky Straight JeanEverlane Modern Loafer, old scarf 

Back to my old tricks again–this time, layering the white button-down under the most casual item in this month’s line-up: the fleece sweatshirt! If you’ve been wondering how to sneakily wear a sweatshirt to work–et voila. There you have it. But this isn’t just a “casual work” look–I’d wear this anywhere, especially on a weekend, Sunday dinner at Neal’s parent’s house, anywhere that calls for cute and cozy. 

Everlane fall/winter

Everlane Cashmere Square TurtleneckEverlane 90’s Cheeky Straight JeanEverlane Editor Heel 

Last but certainly not least, a great date night look that’ll keep you cute AND cozy! This is yet another example of the Juxtaposition rule at play! It’s a little classic, a little edgy, and a little sexy–it all works perfectly together! 
Shop all the items you see here: 

This post is sponsored by one of my favorite brands of all time, Everlane! Of course, all opinions are 110% my own! Thank you for supporting the brands that keep this blog up and running! ❤️