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Three Ways to Wear Everlane’s New “It” Jumpsuit

May 30, 2019

The Japanese Go-Weave Essential Jumpsuit (the one I'm wearing here!) $120

 Huge thanks to Everlane–as you know–my favorite brand–and Shopstyle–for sponsoring this post. ?And thanks to YOU, my ladies, for supporting the brands that help support this blog! 

It’s here, it’s here!

I was cracking up the day this jumpsuit got released a couple weeks ago, because I got FLOODED with DMs on Instagram about it asking ALL the detailed questions about it. I was like, “GUYS, I haven’t tried it out yet. It just released today! I need to order it too!” ?

So I think it’s safe to say this post is much anticipated! Can I tell you just how much it makes my day that I’ve become your Everlane guru? It makes me so happy to have turned you guys onto a brand that I love so so much! 

So–back to the question at hand. HOW IS THE JUMPSUIT?

The long and the short of it is, well–this jumpsuit IS AMAZING! 

Everlane actually came out with three jumpsuits–two additional beauties, in addition to what I’m wearing here today. Here’s a brief overview: 

The Japanese Go-Weave Essential Jumpsuit (the one I’m wearing here!) $120

The material: Made of their famous Japanese Go Weave material that is drapey, wrinkle resistant and machine washable. Comes in three colors–a pretty olive and a beautiful dusty blue. It has a removable belt that you can remove if you prefer a looser fit.

Sizing: Runs TTS–I always wear a 0 in Everlane. I got a 0 here and it fits perfectly. I’m slightly north of 5’6 for height reference. I often find that jumpsuits can be a tad short in the torso but I don’t have that problem with this one! 

Bra-friendly: I know this is such a key factor for a lot of you guys, and perhaps the most exciting part of the jumpsuit (other than the fact that it’s adorable and super versatile and practical) is that you can wear a normal bra! Your straps don’t show! 

The Japanese Go-Weave Essential Jumpsuit (the one I'm wearing here!) $120

This jumpsuit is BRA STRAP FRIENDLY! It never shows your straps! They thought of everything! 

The Japanese Go Weave Short Sleeve Jumpsuit: $130 

Same material as above, with all of the same perks–but with sleeves–in case that’s more your jam! If you work in a more conservative office then this would be a perfect jumpsuit for you! It will also look just as cute with flats and sneakers! 

The linen jumpsuit: $88 

A 100% linen jumpsuit with the cutest square neckline–plus, the straps are still wide enough to cover your bra! Huzzah! Like it’s jumpsuit cousins listed above, it’s a great staple that pairs well with tons of different shoes and is a versatile summer staple. 

As you can tell, I chose to style the v-neck jumpsuit. It just felt the most “Me” and also the most versatile.

“Wait, Jess. I’m new here–why all the rah, rah Everlane?” 

But, backing up for a sec–why do I love Everlane so much? If you’re new around these parts, here is a brief synopsis of why I have been Team Everlane for years. (I’ve loved them since they were a baby startup brand that only sold like ten things!) 

They have beautifully simple, classic, high-quality, yet affordable designs, and I admire them for their dedication to partnering with ethical factories with fair wages, reasonable hours, and ideal working environments. They have a whole section of their website where you can learn about all the factories they partner with, and see photos and videos of all of them! I love reading all of their unique stories.

Everlane also runs a lot of initiatives to better the lives of those who work in their factories around the world. Last year, instead of running a big holiday sale, they used their profits from Black Friday to build an organic farm for workers in Vietnam who have trouble getting access to fresh vegetables without pesticides.

They’re also environmentally conscious–for example–their denim factory in Vietnam recycles 98% of its water!

Their prices are high quality, but more affordable because they sell their items directly to consumers, cutting out the middleman.

On every item page, you can scroll down to see how much each item would cost with the traditional retail markup, vs what Everlane chooses to charge for it! It’s really awesome! If you want to start feeling better about how you’re shopping, you definitely want to look into this brand!

…now, let’s get back to the jumpsuit, yeah? ?

Three Different ways to style the Everlane Jumpsuit

Look #1: With Everlane’s Day Crossover Sandal for the Weekend

(AKA the comfiest slides you ever did feel.) 

Three Different ways to style the Everlane Jumpsuit

[one-half-first]Jess Keys is wearing a black jumpsuit[/one-half-first][one-half]

Everlane's Day Crossover Sandal for the Weekend


(Please excuse my botched sunless tanning application. ?)

A no-brainer for any weekend or vacation. Lot’s of you were eager for reviews on Everlane’s Day Crossover Sandal. (Yes, of the same line as the Day Heels–named by me as “most comfortable heels you’ll ever own) so it isn’t surprising that these sandals feel like absolute BUTTER on your toes. No break-in necessary. 

Get the look:  

Look #2: With Red Editor Slingbacks for work: 

Black jumpsuit With Red Editor Slingbacks for work

Red Editor Slingbacks for work

I’ve always admired how Anna styles her Everlane Editor flats and I’m kind of a sucker for red shoes and some toe cleavage–so it was really only a matter of time until I got them, you know? These are the perfect flats to leave at your desk at work, because you’ll want to change into them EVERY day at the office. They really elevate any outfit and are a great way to make your work wardrobe pop in a practical, versatile, and comfortable way! I also can’t wait to style these with my favorite pair of Everlane jeans to make them look elevated and more polished! 

Get the look: 

Look #3: Dressed up for a Date with Block Heels

Everlane Jumpsuit Dressed up for a Date with Block Heels

Everlane Block Heels

Everlane Jumpsuit Dressed up for a Date with Block Heels

I have been wanting to try out Everlane’s Block Heel Sandals for so long now, and I’m so glad I finally got the chance! If you work in an office that allows open-toed shoes, I highly recommend these. They’re so polished, yet still comfortable! Honestly, I LOVE the square toe. I think they’re way cuter in person than they are online. I can’t wait to wear these with jeans and dresses as well! If it gets chilly, throw on a denim jacket (this one is Everlane as well! I LOVE the wash–so perfect for summer!) to finish off the look! 

Get the look: 

What do you think? Will you give it a go? Let me know any questions you have on it below! I hope you love it as much as I do! 


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