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Everlane’s new Court sneakers: all your questions answered!

Everlane's Court sneakers

EEEEK big news! 

Everlane just launched some BRAND NEW sneaks today: The Court sneaker!

I posted a sneak peak over on Instagram stories yesterday and so many of you were just as excited as I am about this launch (huzzah!!)–and you had SO many questions, so I figured it would be helpful to whip up a quick blog post for you! 

(Apologies in advance I did not have time to shoot outfits with these, but I will definitely be styling these in many blog posts forthcoming! ????)

I received these sneaks last week courtesy of Everlane to test out for you guys ahead of the launch. I’ve had had a couple chances to wear them so far and I have only wonderful things to report––yesterday I walked 2 miles from Lincoln Park to Wicker Park and have ZERO blisters–they were so comfortable right out of the box! 

Here’s the scoop on Everlane’s Court sneakers – all your questions, answered:

What are the difference between Everlane’s Tread Trainer sneakers vs. these new Court sneakers?

First of all, it’s important to note, I love BOTH of their sneakers and it really will boil down to what you’re looking for. I will continue to wear both a lot and for different purposes!

The new Court sneakers are a more streamlined “everyday” design than Everlane’s original Tread Trainer sneakers. The original Treads are more of a “trainer” style–(AKA more cool dad sneakerish while not being too much so). They’re chunkier, they come up higher, and that being said, they are a lot more supportive than this new Court sneaker! (You can see how I’ve styled that pair in this post!) 

I also think because these new sneaks aren’t chunky, they are a lot easier to style with dresses and skirts, vs the Tread I think is hard to style with anything feminine. 

Are they comfortable? 

They are VERY comfortable. Like I said, I wore them straight out of the box with ZERO rubbing, blisters, etc! 

Are they true to size? 

Yes, they’re true to size. I’m always a US 8 and the US 8 fits great. 

Which color did you get? Do they come in lots of colors? 

I got the white with the forest green on the backs and the little tan detail on the side! (You know me, I always stick to all-white sneakers and this time I decided to walk on the wild side. ????) I love that they’re different but still neutral and go with everything! They come in many colors! 

Are they lightweight? 

Many of you asked if they were lightweight and I would say YES absolutely, I think they are very lightweight. 

Are they easy to clean? 

They’re leather, so they’re really easy to wipe clean! 

How’s the arch support? 

I would say arch support is average. The original Tread sneakers are much more supportive so if that’s your #1 priority those would be an excellent choice because they’re the most supportive “cute/casual” sneakers I’ve seen (vs having to wear say, Nikes, etc). I would say these have about as much arch support as most sneakers–comparable to my favorite Tretorns re: arch support–much more than say, Converse. 

What’s the break-in time? 

ZERO! They are so great. SO comfortable right out of the box. I walked 2 miles in them yesterday and I could’ve kept walking several more! No rubbing in the back of the ankle, tongue, sides, tops of your toes––nothing. 

For leather shoes I feel like sometimes the tongue can really dig into your ankle while you’re breaking them in and they really paid attention to detail here to make the tongue really cushiony so it doesn’t do that! 

How do they compare to Tretorns

Ah–like asking me to pick my favorite child!! Both are equally wonderful, but different. 

The style: I think that the look and style of these is more on-trend and fashion-forward than the Tretorns. Tretorns were cool in the 80’s and they’re cool now–they’re more of a classic style and while both pairs are classic, the court sneakers are definitely more fashionable. My mom would wear Tretorns, she wouldn’t wear Everlane Court Sneakers. ????

In terms of comfort: both are very comfortable, both are wearable right out of the box with no break-in, but Tretorns have more cushion specifically. I would say this Everlane pair has a normal amount of cushion (more than Converse, similar to Adidas, etc) and Tretorns have a VERY above average amount of cushion. 

Ability to clean: the Everlane sneaks definitely win out by being leather vs. the canvas of the Tretorns. The leather easily wipes clean, vs the canvas you’ll need to give them a good spray with some fabric protector like Scotchgard and clean them every so often with some Oxylean if they get dirty! (But also, nothing you can’t handle!) 

What about to Vejas

I don’t own Vejas because I tried one pair on in person and the tongue was SO stiff and uncomfortable that I never really considered purchasing them since haha! (I heard that was just for one style though!) But I would say these are similar Vejas in style, but they’re maybe a little more classic and less sporty than Vejas are! 

Do you need no show socks? 

I think you always need no-show socks with casual sneakers. ????This multi-pack of no show socks is my favorite from Amazon and they never slip off your heels!! 

Everlane's Court sneakers

Shop ALL the Court Sneaker colors right here! I hope this was helpful!! Stay tuned for many outfits featuring these cuties to come!