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The Easy Dress You’ll Want to Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear

Aug 15, 2018

Everlane Dress | The Golden Girl Blog

Everlane Cotton Double V Dress c/o (runs true to size–comes in black and white stripe as well as blue!) Everlane Wrap Sandals (c/o-come in four colors! TTS!) Everlane Market Tote in “light taupe” c/o–also comes in lot’s of colors! (I also just got their newest  “The Form” messenger bag that comes out later this week, and it’s AMAZING! You can preview it here!), Ray Ban sunnies Earrings were a gift from my sister in law, from a local boutique (I don’t have a link, sorry!)   

Sooo you know when you’re running late and you feel like you have absolutely nothing you can throw on in two seconds that makes you feel cute and presentable? (This is my everyday life ?) I am always chronically late, so dresses are always my #1 go-to because they’re a one-and-done kind of outfit.

This is especially true in the summer months–it’s so hot and humid outside, I just want basically AIR on my body and nothing else. Something that is really breathable, flowy (but not too short, because–windy city, if you catch my drift).

The Best Dress EVER

This is why I LOVE this dress. It’s (shocker) another new piece from Everlane. It’s called their Cotton Double V dress and it is perfectly flattering, perfectly comfortable, and the perfect thing to wear–ummmm–like anywhere? (This dress of theirs is also very similar!)

So far, I have worn this dress:

1. Out to a nice dinner with this cute pair espadrilles which run big, size down. (Fun fact: Kelly pronounces them e-SPA-drilles and every time I read this word now I laugh out loud.)

2. As a bathing suit cover up

3. To a bachelorette party

4. To run errands around the neighborhood and

5. To lunch with friends.

And so on and so forth.

Could you get any more versatile!?

Everlane truly makes my favorite everyday basic dresses–they have lot’s of similar styles as well. I will link them below!

Wrap Sandals

Additionally, I really love these wrap sandals! I wore them in Italy (I hadn’t had enough time to break them in, so I didn’t wear them on days where we did a ton of walking–I wore them around Tuscany though and they didn’t rub me at all!) They’re a great neutral color and go with everything!

This super chic tote:

I decided I had to try out this tote for myself after so many of you raved about it in my Real Women Approved Favorite Work/Life Bag Reader Roundup! So many of you rave about it and I can see why!

A lot of you have asked how it compares to my Madewell Transport Tote, and I will say it’s definitely more structured and polished looking than the Madewell Transport Tote, which is made of softer leather vs the stiffer, more structured leather of the Everlane tote (another bonus for the Everlane tote–it wipes clean much easier than the Madewell version due to the type of leather). Both are equally roomy and fit so much stuff–my laptop, my big camera, a sweater, snacks, makeup bag–whatever! I think it’s truly a personal preference (and personally, I would choose both for different things–they’re very different! ?)


Everlane Cotton Double V dress


[one-half-first]Everlane Dress | The Golden Girl Blog[/one-half-first][one-half]

Everlane Wrap Sandals 



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