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The Cutest EVER Etsy Holiday Greeting Cards You’ll Love

Dec 12, 2017

Off the shoulder sweater: Nordstrom (comes in two more colors, too! This one is nearly identical but comes in different colors! How great would it be in black? This one is a cute cableneck version! So good for going out!) Velvet leggings: Spanx (they are my FAVORITE pants at the moment), Leopard bow pumps: Ann Taylor (run big, go a half size down!) These are also super similar with thinner heels! Hair: curled with a beachwaver curling iron (you can buy the base separately with the 1″ attachment!)

If you guys frequently hang out with me over on Instagram stories, you remember me sharing a sneak peak of the holiday greeting cards I recently ordered from Etsy, made by my friend Katie! They have been an absolute hit with you all so far (for good reason) so I’m excited to share all of my favorites today!

Here are a couple reasons why I think you’ll love today’s post: 

First, there is nothing worse than having to give a loved one a crappy holiday card from the drugstore.

Second, I know you love to support small shops (especially ones on Etsy!) run by really nice, good people.

Third, you share my sense of humor.

Fourth, you like pretty things (and these cards are really pretty. So is the sweater I’m wearing ?)

And if all else fails, I know you’ll really like my outfit ? KIDDING.

So, first thing’s first, let’s talk about how I know Katie! We actually went to high school together and were both in dance (Katie was way better than me. She was basically a professional and I was the dork in the back who couldn’t ever master her fouette turns). We went on a Europe trip together through my high-school post-graduation and saw London, Paris, Brugge, Amsterdam and Berlin. (Some crazy teachers volunteered to take 30 just-graduated high school seniors to Europe for two weeks. Insanity. Bless them.)

But as we went to college, we lost touch for several years, as tends to happen, but recently got back in touch over the past year or so (two years? Time flies!) and I found out she had grown up to be an insanely talented calligrapher and designer! She ended up designing my blog logo, and helping me with several projects throughout my wedding and beyond. (She designed Kelly’s blog logo, too!) She’s one of the most kind-hearted people I know! We finally reunited in person when Neal and I were in Boston this past summer. It was SO amazing to see her and it felt like no time had ever passed!

Anyway, she started to design greeting cards and cute little prints with the cheekiest, funny sayings in the most beautiful watercolor calligraphy, and opened up an Etsy shop!

I am a HUGE Etsy fan–I do a lot of my shopping there each Christmas, and it’s my favorite place to shop for greeting cards especially, so when Etsy reached out to partner with me during the holidays to get word out about everything Etsy makers have to offer…obviously I was like DUH. 1. Katie! 2. Holiday cards!

(No brainer!)

Her cards are not only beautiful, but they have a ton of personality. They’re perfect for your BFF, mom, mother-in-law, favorite aunt, funny uncle, or just about anyone! Scroll below to see my favorites made by Katie, and some of my other favorite cards made by other Etsy makers. (They are so good you guys, so good.)





See? How cute are they!?

Any of these cards will make the cutest little touch to a hostess gift for any holiday party (which, by the way, if you’re looking for hostess gift ideas, look no further than THIS post!)

AND, speaking of holiday parties, I love this dressy-casual holiday party look that is a nice mix-up from the usual red and green plaid and sparkle ensemble (you know, in case that’s not your style!)

I ordered this off the shoulder sweater recently because I loved wearing my Gibson sweater off the shoulder so much. It comes in other colors, but I was drawn to this really pretty burnt orangey-brown hue–it’s a great winter color that isn’t burgundy or dark green, so it’s a nice addition to any wardrobe! There are a lot of similar ones in lot’s of colors, too, so I’m rounding up my favorites here:

I think it was a perfect match for my favorite velvet leggings (are you guys getting sick of these yet? ?) which are so comfortable and be dressed up or down so easily.

Finally, the best of all–these leopard bow heels! They even have a gold heel! The heel is the most perfect height because it’s not too high–I love the midi heels! (I also recently got the dark red velvet Everlane day heels, which I am swooning over, too, if you are looking for more midi heels!) Sizing tip: They run big, so make sure to go at least a half-size down!

Still searching for more holiday cards?

I’m linking some other Etsy favorites below, too! I included a mix of pretty ones and funny ones, but the funny ones are SO. GOOD. Make sure to scroll through them all–I already bought several of these! ?

What type of holiday cards do you like to give?

Make sure to pop on over to Etsy for all your holiday shopping–it’s so well organized–their entire site right now is set up so you can navigate by gift guide, so it makes it so easy to find the best, one of a kind gifts for your friends and fam! (Stay tuned for my full Etsy gift guide coming soon, too!)

Huge thanks to Etsy, one of my favorite websites, for partnering with me this holiday season!


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