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My Favorite Organizing Racks Ever

My Favorite Organizing Racks Ever

Outfit (super old!)–photo taken from my closet makeover post

It is officially January and you know what always rolls around this time of year–the need to organize everything in your house! 

I don’t know why the urgency to purge EVERYTHING always hits me after the holidays, but I know it’s not just me–many of you requested some home organizing content over on stories yesterday, so this post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know how much I love Elfa over the door organizing racks! (We have the over the door version with white mesh baskets). I decided it was time they get their own dedicated post, because they’re on sale right now! (And the Container Store is PRICEY, man. You gotta get that stuff on sale!!)

I was first introduced to these magical contraptions when I teamed up with The Container Store to organize our closets, and have since purchased one to go behind every door. (Yes, I’m not even kidding–every single door in our house). They are worth every penny, and right now they also happen to be 30% off

As you’ve likely heard me say before, our condo has an extraordinarily small amount of storage space, and I don’t know what we would do without these racks. I would be swimming in clutter. They are the best use of space I’ve ever seen! 

My Favorite Organizing Racks Ever

What can you use the Elfa Door Racks for?

Bedroom closets:

Like I said above, we have these in every bedroom of our house (okay, it’s not a lot of bedrooms, but we do have two in our bedroom, one in the guest room, and just got another for Neal’s office). We just have the classic white mesh racks (mostly they hold shoes and accessories in my closet) but in the guest bedroom they hold workout equipment. You can also get attachments with peg board and hooks for holding items like jewelry, hats, and more! Note: I know you can get the shoe holder attachment, but you can fit WAY more shoes (flats, sneakers, etc) in the baskets, just an FYI. 

Utility closet: 

The closet that holds our hot water heater is our “utility” closet, but since there is basically no room aside from a spot for our Dyson vacuum and water heater, the door space has been a game-changer. It’s where we put hammers, screwdrivers, nails, our drill, paintbrushes, etc. This rack in particular is what they consider their “utility” solution, but any of their racks will serve this purpose! (The pegboard is great though for things like organizing tape, little bottles of glue, etc! I kind of wish we had gotten that now, haha!) 

Laundry closet:

We don’t have a laundry “room” it’s really a laundry “closet” so this rack is our only space available. We have the classic white mesh rack on the back of the door that holds laundry detergent, stain removers, all our household cleaning supplies (as well as extra sponges, swiffer pads, swiffer dusters, rags, etc) and other essentials like sewing kit, lint roller, etc. 


Sadly we do not even have one door to use as a pantry ????but if you do, this version would be perfect for that! 

Bathroom storage: 

This rack is made for bathroom storage, making it easy to organize beauty products, hair products, etc without taking up space on your countertop! (We have pocket doors in our bathrooms but if we didn’t, you know we’d have these on every bathroom door! ????) 

Hallway closets:

We have this one on the back of our (very tiny) coat closet and it has been a game-changer for holding hats, scarves and gloves! 

Gift wrap/crafts: 

They even have attachments made for gift wrap and crafting supplies, which are always so hard to organize! 

Are they renter-friendly?

Yes! They have clamps that go over and under your door, so they’re removable and you can take them with you wherever you go!

Where to start?

Measure your door dimensions, and then start here and it’ll walk you through how to customize best to suit your needs! You can build your own solution, or if you’d rather, start with one of their existing template racks

Hope this helps you get a jump start on your New Year organizing!

Also, see My Closet Makeover and Neal’s Closet Makeover both with Elfa. (Everything we used is on sale right now!)