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The Most Effective Approach to Decorating

Dec 1, 2016


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So, you’ve heard me talk earlier this week about how excited I am for my Aunt and cousin to come visit this weekend! I’m pretty sure they are the very first “houseguests” I’ve ever really had, as I never had a guest bedroom prior to a couple months ago! (Big adulting milestones happening here!)

Of course, our friends and Neal’s siblings stay over in that room from time to time (We always call our guest room “Russel’s room” or “Maura’s room”) but for some reason we don’t feel bad making our best friends sleep in a room of boxes. (Sorry guys!) When you’re actually entertaining, it’s different!

It’s no secret that I’m often a disaster when it comes to keeping my house clean and organized. My Grandpa nicknamed me “the whirling dirvish” at a very young age and even throughout my adulthood, I’ve fulfilled this prophecy. (This is very bad news for the guest room, who has absorbed the brunt of my tornado tendencies.) So, now that I am shifting my focus to getting the guest bedroom finished, I’m a little puzzled!

How do I go about decorating the one room of the house that has been designated all the hand-me-downs? We’ve upgraded in nearly every other room of the house–yet the guest bedroom is solely a mattress on the floor, an old rug that doesn’t suit my taste anymore, and not to mention SO MANY BOXES of mail and junk that I’ve yet to do anything with. (Do you have one of those “dump zones” in your house?)


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Here’s my thing–I want it to be a comfortable, homey, stylish place for guests, but I don’t really have a VISION for it just yet.

This process was so much easier with Neal’s office, or the bedroom. I had a vision. Here, I’m just staring at a blank wall, and nothin’ is coming at me.

That being said, this is the kind of situation that results in me pushing off the project for months at a time saying “wellll I just don’t know what I want to do yet…

What is the happy medium? How much do I do, and with what timeframe?

Here’s what I’ve settled on–I bought this bed frame, which we’ll be putting together later tonight–so at least our guests will no longer be sleeping on a box spring/mattress on the floor. Other than that? I’m going to do as much as I can right this minute and fix it up with whatever I can pull from around the house, and THEN see what’s missing! Then, we’ll finish it, little by little.

I’ll let you know how it works out 😉

Have you been in a similar decorating dilemma before? How did you approach it? 


P.S. Speaking of decorating, my friend Meg of MegMade (who made my fabulous bamboo headboard!) is hosting a holiday party at her warehouse tonight from 4pm-8pm! There will be giveaways and sales of up to 75% off! If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece, you should definitely stop by! She’s the sweetest ever, and she has a pet pig who will be there, too!

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