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The Most Delicious Coconut Mojito

Mar 11, 2021

The Most Delicious Coconut Mojito recipe

Happy Thursday!

What better way to celebrate it being ALMOST Friday than with a cocktail post?

While we were in Florida, I asked Neal if he could figure out how to make me a coconut mojito mocktail (as I can’t get enough coconut these days) and he ABSOLUTELY delivered. I spent many a night sipping on them on our back patio and had to share them with you. 

I have always LOVED all things coconut (it’s not JUST a pregnancy craving, although LR may have slightly amplified my love for Coconut ????)

As the weather is warming up everywhere, it’s the perfect time to break out a warm-weather cocktail or mocktail, so I wanted to share this with anyone who may have missed our Cocktails with Neal! (By the way, you can see it saved here in my IG highlights where Neal makes both a classic mojito and a coconut mojito!) 

The best part? You don’t need 100 ingredients or anything fancy beyond what you can find at the grocery store. 

The #1 secret to the best coconut mojito? Cream of Coconut! (NOTE: I learned this is different than Coconut Cream. Who knew?) If you can find the brand Coco Lopez, this is the best kind! Other common brands that make this are Goya or Coco Reál. They should have it at most grocery stores and liquor stores, just make sure you get the Cream of Coconut and NOT Coconut Cream. 

The other must-have? A cocktail shaker! Any cocktail shaker will do. As will a mason jar with a lid, or a protein shaker. Or a hydroflask. (Can you tell we’ve gotten creative over the years?) Literally, anything that will allow you to give your cocktail a good shake will do! 

The Most Delicious Coconut Mojito

Ingredients for Coconut Mojitos: 

  • Fresh mint (about 2 sprigs per drink)
  • Fresh lime (not pre-packaged lime juice! That’s not nearly as good!) You’ll want about 1/2 a lime per drink. You can always add more if you prefer more lime flavor!
  • About 1-2 oz (or 2-4 tablespoons) Cream of Coconut per drink, depending on how much coconut flavor you like. 
  • 2 oz coconut water (for a mocktail) OR light rum such as Bicardi for a cocktail. 
  • Optional: Simple syrup–omit if you don’t like your cocktail super sweet, as the Cream of Coconut is already quite sweet! But if you like more sweetness, you can add a little to taste. You can also play around with the ratio of Cream of Coconut to simple syrup, if say, you only want a hint of coconut flavor, but still want more sweetness, etc. OR you can remove the Cream of Coconut completely and just use 1-2 oz simple syrup for a classic mojito! 
  • Club soda to top 

How to make a Coconut Mojito: 

In the shaker, combine ice with 2 sprigs mint, giving the mint a little slap first to release the oils–this makes it even more flavorful! Then squeeze in the juice of half a lime (should be about 1 oz of juice. Tip: for a non-juicy lime, roll out the lime on the counter, applying gentle pressure to release the juice–you can also try zapping it in the microwave for a couple seconds as this will help too!), coconut cream, simple syrup if using, and the 20z of coconut water OR light rum. Shake vigorously, pour into glass, and top with club soda! 

There you have it–cool, refreshing, minty, coconutty, frothy–seriously the most delicious beverage I have tasted in a LONG TIME. 

So easy! I hope you love these as much as I do!! 

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