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If you weren’t in your current profession, what would you be?

Oct 20, 2016


A curious question–right? But really, this is one my favorite questions to ask.

What would you be if you weren’t in your current career? If money were no object. If you could wake up tomorrow and be an X, Y, or Z–what would you be?

(This is always the best conversation starter.)

A couple fun ones that come to mind… 

An OPI nail polish namer

A pasta taste tester in Italy

A professional puppy petter

A five star hotel travel critic

A professional baby snuggler

A professional nap-taker

As for me? (Aside from all of the above!) Okay, I’ve only told a couple people this until now, but… I’d love to have a cooking show. (You guys KNOW how much I love the Food Network. Ina is my true idol.)

At this moment, you’re probably wondering why I don’t do recipes on this blog, or have a food blog for that matter, if I love cooking so much. The truth is, I don’t really follow recipes. I HATE following recipes. The premise of my “cooking show” would be teaching people how to cook without following a recipe.

One day–you never know! Right? It’s always fun to dream!

What’s your dream job?

(P.S. ask this at your next dinner party! You never know what will come up!)

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