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DIY Holiday Cookie Party

Dec 17, 2014

A few Saturdays back, me and my girls, KitEmily, Maya, Nicole, Erin, Jennie got together for a casual cookie decorating extravaganza. After all, decorating holiday cookies is at the top of the annual Christmas to-do list, right?

Never being one for sweets (I’m more of a french fry aficionado),  I was originally far more excited about the champagne, cocktails, and catching up with my friends than the actual cookies themselves, but as soon as I bit into one, I remembered how much I actually do love Christmas cookies, after all. And then I had another…and, well. You know.

Want to throw your own? Here are a few tips!

1.  Decorations

Kit had laid out perhaps the cutest spread I’ve ever seen, and these decorations from Minted really were the icing on the cookie. (Ha!) I had no idea Minted made decorations, much less,  a ton of different designs in complete packages. They customize and print them all for you, and ship them right to your door! (Gone are the days of the paper-cut-palooza that comes along with those at-home printables. Yuck.) And this adorably festive, foil print? I die.

2. Supplies

The coolest thing I learned from Kit? Buy paint brushes to decorate your cookies! I had no idea. I had always slopped icing haphazardly onto my cookies with a butter knife, ensuring that it would give NOBODY any holiday cheer.

Be sure to have several paint brushes on hand (they really work the best with Royal icing, which is the thin, non-fluffy kind that hardens quickly and gives you a pretty, smoothly frosted cookie), as well as tupperware and bowls to hold different colored frosting. Then the toppings– sprinkles, red hots, and those adorable little lightbulb sprinkle-thingys you can buy at Target!
3. Cocktails

I mean…you can’t have a great party without a good cocktail, right? Erin brought over some awesome supplies to make White Rudolphs (Rudolves? What is the plural of Rudolph, anyone?) for all the girls. Head over here to see how to make them!

Have you made your holiday cookies this year?

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