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DIY holiday florals

Dec 12, 2013

T-minus two weeks until Christmas! This little DIY tutorial should bring you some holiday cheer. It might sound a little strange, but there was something kind of therapeutic about assembling this little flower arrangement. Maybe I find calmness in crafting? Am I just getting old? Regardless, you should give it a try. This arrangement makes a perfect centerpiece for your Christmas dinner table, or a pretty hostess gift wrapped in some brown paper and a bow. I had never actually made a holiday bouquet before, but it was really fun and easy to do!

Tips & Tricks:

The equation really is as simple as this:

  1. Greenery: In this case I went with some bunches of pine and fir branches
  2. Something red: I used berry branches, but any other red colored element would be great as well. Maybe some red glittery branches?
  3. Your favorite flowers: I went with Hydrangeas, but white roses or lillies would be pretty as well.
  4. A personal touch: To make your flowers a little extra special, add a personalized element. I decorated a gift tag with a cute winter stamp stickers I recently picked up at Papersource.
  5. Fresh water: Be sure to change out the water every couple days to ensure your flowers last as long as possible.

Happy holidays!

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