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DIY fabric wallpaper

Apr 11, 2012

yellow fabric wallpaper yellow fabric wallpaper

DIY fabric wallpaper DIY fabric wallpaper

I feel for those of you who are apartment renters out there- you’re looking for a solution to somehow camouflage your hideous apartment features without losing your safety deposit, right? I was in your shoes once. The day I stumbled upon this faux “wallpaper” trick was the day that changed my life. I know it will change yours too (and your kitchen’s). Who would have thought to use fabric as wallpaper? As it turns out, its great wallpaper for renters!

What you need:

  • Fabric (I got my cute yellow”wallpaper” at Joann Fabric- more cute prints here. I think next time I might go for floral wallpaper!)
  • Fabric Stiffener or Starch (can buy here, or at your local craft store)
  • Sponge
  • Bowl


  • Measure wall and cut desired fabric according to the surface you’d like to cover. I would recommend keeping the fabric in all one piece if possible, rather than applying it in multiple sections to avoid seeing the seams
  • After entire wall is wiped clean, first apply a bottom coat of stiffener to the surface you wish to cover
  • Apply fabric immediately after, securing with thumb tacks to hold the fabric up while it dries
  • Apply a second coat over the top of the fabric, drenching it with the stiffener
  • Let dry, remove thumb tacks
  • You’re done!

Time to move? Simply peel off the fabric and go!

Total Cost: About $100 bucks- cheapest backsplash I’ve ever heard of

Total time: About 3 hours (It will take much less time if you have less of an awkward area to cover- our backspash took some finesse)

Next on the kitchen hit list: utensil rack and new cabinet knobs. After this I’m hoping my kitchen will no longer look like the seventies threw up on it, but I guess only time will tell. Stay tuned!

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