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Design Crush: Rugs in the Kitchen

Jun 27, 2016


You know when you see something design-wise that instantly strikes a cord and makes you feel all giddy inside–like, “oh my god THAT’s what my home has been missing!”

That’s how I felt the first time I saw a photo of a boho rug in a kitchen. Like–what!? Why haven’t we always had gorgeous Moroccan rugs in our kitchens? No wonder they were so boring before this.

Now, rugs can’t save all kitchens (you know what they say–lipstick on a pig) but they are a simple way to make over a less-than-lovely rental kitchen, and in the case of gorgeous kitchens–add a ton of personality that makes it uniquely your own.

The past year (moving in with Neal) has really been the first time I’ve ever been able to decorate something of my own–and while I thought I was drawn to mostly white and grey neutrals–there was something about bright, colorful rugs that started to speak to me. I’ve started to adore mixing different styles together to create a style of my own. (I’d say our style is something along the lines of vintage eclectic industrial. Is that a thing?)

And while it will likely be quite awhile before I have a beautiful chef-like kitchen…a girl can dream, right? Here are a few of my absolute favorite dreamy kitchens–with the coolest-ever rugs. (By the way, if you’re in the market for one, you’ll definitely want to check out this post.)

Would you try this trend out?


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Would you give this trend a go in your own kitchen? What do you think? 

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