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Delayed Honeymoons–Yay or Nay?

Aug 16, 2016


There’s a wedding trend that has been popping up a lot lately in recent years–one I never really gave much thought to myself, but lately, Neal and I have been having this conversation quite a bit. 


Would you delay your honeymoon? 

Before you ask–why would you do such a thing? Let me explain. 

Weddings require a lot of time and money. Two things that are sometimes hard to come by for newlyweds! We’re getting married in September of next year (Have I publicly announced that yet? SURPRISE!) and this happens to be during Neal’s busy season at work–a time where it’s just not feasible to take off and unplug for 3 weeks. 

Not to mention–after shelling out the cash for a 200 person wedding, scraping together the funds immediately thereafter for a European getaway seems a bit… optimistic?

On the other hand, waiting several months or a year to do this would allow more time to save up–allowing for a more “all-out” romantic getaway. 


I have quite a few friends who have done the “delayed honeymoon” thing, but, I can’t help but think–doesn’t this take a lot of the magic away from your honeymoon? I mean, by that point, you aren’t even newlyweds–surely it can’t feel as magical a year after the fact? At that point–isn’t it just a normal vacation? 


But, there’s a compromise we’ve been warming up to–a “mini-moon.”

Essentially, instead of taking 2 weeks off for a honeymoon, taking 5-7 days after the wedding instead to do something smaller, more affordable, but still romantic, with just the two of you. 

I think that might be what we end up settling on. One idea we were throwing around is a California road trip. 

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? 


Did you postpone your honeymoon? Are you for, or  against it? 

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