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Favorite Staples for Summer

May 19, 2017

Top: c/o Sanctuary–(runs big, size down!) it’s a little bit longer so you can also tie it in the front, which is also cute! I also have the same top in this breezy striped version!  There’s also a dress version with the cutest tie straps here! They also have a cute long-sleeved version, too! Also how adorable is this cropped ruffle chambray top!? (It’s on sale, too!) // Jeans: Levi’s White High-Waisted Jeans // Shoes: Splendid Colleen Sandals (come in white and black, too!) I’ve also been eyeing these splendid lace-up heels! // Bag: Cult Gaia (on back-order, but there’s another shipment coming in soon, and you can pre-order now!) // Sunnies: Ray Ban // Lipstick: Burberry “Bright Plum”

Happy Friday!

This week has been SO great! Oh my gosh, can you believe how much better life is when the weather is beautiful? As someone who is deeply affected by the weather, Chicago often sends me on an emotional roller coaster, but luckily, it’s been all highs this week with temps in the 80’s! (Taking blog photos when you can feel all 10 of your toes? Glorious. It’s the little things, guys.)

What have you been up to over the past couple of days?

I’ve been working like crazy on a few different projects, but managed to squeeze in lot’s of time for some fun, too!

I grabbed dinner with my friends/ old roomies Kate and Kai (Kai has the best food instagram with the most hilarious punny captions–you have to follow her!) at Parlor and sat on the patio sipping rosé and eating too many carbs, which was, of course, glorious. Kate also brought her puppy, Rozzi, (AKA my latest dog obsession) who is an Australian Labradoodle. (You know what a crazy dog lady I am.)

We also celebrated Blair’s birthday on Wednesday! Blair, Shaheen, Kelly, Emily and I did a little impromptu birthday lunch celebration at Hello Taco’s De Cero in the West Loop (or is it just called De Cero? The name of that place always confuses me!) Kelly brought Emma and we got to meet Emily’s new baby, Josephine, for the first time! She was SO sweet! It’s so crazy that I’m old enough for my friends to have babies. Still trying to wrap my mind around that one.

Anyway, if you ever go to De Cero (Hello Tacos?) you can’t go wrong with the steak taco and the chorizo taco! So good! Their trio of salsas is also addicting. (However, we asked for more chips for the salsas and they said it would be $10 for a chip refill. We couldn’t tell if they were kidding, but I don’t think they were. We were all hysterically laughing in confusion.)


I’ve spent a lot of time in the West Loop (aka my old ‘hood) this week! Blair and I got a lot of work done at Soho House. I wore this outfit for our work date on Tuesday, and pretty much everything you see here is a summer staple of mine in one way or another!

I love this adorable off the shoulder top because it’s really lightweight and keeps you cool, and can be dressed up or down! Of course, it’s chambray. One of my favorite materials of all time. It just goes with everything! Chambray button-downs, Chambray dresses…I love ’em all!

Favorite Chambray Staples: 


These sandals are also my favorite flat sandals of all time! You know that awkward period between spring and summer where ALL of your sandals give you blisters because your feet haven’t seen the light of day in half a year? This is the first pair of sandals that didn’t require any breaking in. The leather is really soft and it doesn’t have any sharp edges that rub in weird places. This doesn’t come as a shock, as they’re made by Splendid, who makes the most comfortable clothing ever. Their shoes are no different! I can’t recommend them enough! They also come in white and black.


Here are some of my other favorite Splendid shoe styles: 

In the summer, I typically retire most of my jeans and go with either jean shorts (these are my go-to pair, which you can see styled here!) or this pair of white jeans by Levi’s! Distressed jeans are also still an occasional favorite–they’re cooler because they’re lighter-weight and have holes in them, obvi ;-P (Best of both worlds, I love this pair of distressed white jeans! They’re only $59 and this brand always makes the comfiest denim!) Kelly also swears by her Rag & Bone white denim jeans, and she’s slowly chipping away at me in convincing me to invest in a pair!

Favorite summer denim: 

Hope you have the best weekend!

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