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Currently Loving: At Home Engagement Photos

Aug 26, 2016


I’ve never been a fan of engagement photos. 

To me, they can so easily feel forced, unnatural, cheesy, and they rarely manage to capture any real emotion or the unique connection of the couple. (“Tell us how you really feel, Jess.”) 

However, when I stumbled upon these photos from India Earl photography, I absolutely loved them. 

Why hadn’t I thought of this before: Engagement photos at home? 

To me, there’s nothing more intimate and special than capturing your real life together–a moment in time, in your relationship–preserving it forever.

They capture your lifestyle, and how you felt when you woke up on a Saturday morning. (Something you’ll look back on fondly in 20 years and say, “Sigh. When it was just the two of us!”)

I love the ideas of capturing photos in the kitchen–how you cook dinner together–that thing where you always sit on the counter drinking wine, talking to one another. 

Isn’t that so special? 

Now–the jury is out. Will we do engagement photos? I don’t know. We’re still pretty on the fence about it. I’m not sure any photos can capture the one’s taken as Neal proposed. But I’ll surely keep you posted 😉 

Tell me though, what’s your opinion on at-home engagement photos? 

2016-04-22_0011 19-ginny-au-loom-workshop 18-casual-at-home-engagement-session 5-relaxed-engagement 1-organic-engagement-session

Tell me–what do you think about at-home engagement photos? Would you do them? 

Photo credits: India Earl, Once Wed, Once Wed, and Once Wed 

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