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Feminine Winter Must-Haves

Dec 11, 2018

Feminine Winter Must-Haves

Boots: c/o Lord & Taylor–run TTS and also come in black Coat: c/o Lord & Taylor (I’m wearing a 2, but I would suggest sizing up if you want chunky layers underneath!)  Leggings: Hue c/o Lord & Taylor, Sweater: Miss Selfridge c/o Lord & Taylor, Beanie: c/o Lord & Taylor 

You guys know me, I always LOVE a good style challenge. 

Once we really get into winter, the allure of cozy sweaters and boots can fade quickly. At first it’s fun, and then it’s UGH I have to pull on the SAME old sweaters and those chunky winter boots AGAIN!? 

Don’t get me wrong, living in Chicago, those chunky snow boots are necessary and on certain days, there’s really no getting around them, but other days, you just want to pull on something that looks and feels cozy without feeling puffy, frumpy, and boring right!? 

That’s where these staples come in ?They’re cozy, yes, but also have a little more ‘zazz than your old run of the mill winter staples. 

Right now, everything I’m wearing here is on sale at Lord and Taylor for their Friends and Family Sale (they always have the BEST deals!) but the sale is almost over (and sizes are going quickly!) so you’ll definitely want to snap ’em up now! Almost everything is an extra 30% off! 

Feminine Winter Must-Haves

The Boots:

I’ve already worn these boots several times despite only owning them for a couple of weeks! I have really been on the hunt for cold weather boots that can hold up in a decent amount of snow, but not look like “snow boots”–you know? So I could wear them like, without snow, too! ?I think they’re so cute–I’ve worn them a lot walking outside but also out to dinner a few times too! They’re casual yet still really cute. 

Cozy leggings: 

I have maybe worn these leggings…8 times in the past 2 weeks? I’m not even kidding. They are the SOFEST leggings I’ve ever worn–they’re lined with this insanely soft fleece-like material that makes them ultra cozy. I also like that they’re seamless, because a lot of times my athletic leggings are my go-to’s, but you can see the seams that make it obvious I’m wearing athletic leggings with regular clothes, and that irks me ?The best part is that they’re on sale for $12.60! 

Lace-up back bow sweater:  

On sale for $36! I love how this sweater is a super soft chunky knit but also has a feminine side–it laces up the back with a pretty satin ribbon–making it an equally great option to wear out at night! (How cute would it look with a mini skirt for a holiday party?!) 


This is one of those coats that you definitely plan to be part of your outfit, vs. just being an after thought! I love the toggle fasteners and the faux fur around the hood! (Because I know my Chicago girls will ask, no–just like anything that isn’t a puffer coat–this is not a “winter” coat–it’s something you wear on a warmer winter day and/or when you have a couple layers on and/or when you want to look cute and plan to take cabs/Ubers and don’t plan on walking super far, haha!) Right now it’s on sale for $63! 

Pom pom beanie:

On sale for $27! This would make the cutest stocking stuffer! I love the furry oversized pom pom–it makes such a girly statement! I’m a big proponent of going to the extra effort of stocking up on a few cute winter hats in different colors. When you integrate your hat and gloves into your outfit and don’t make them an after-thought, you’ll always look much more put together! 

We shot these when we were in the suburbs this past weekend to hang out with Neal’s little brother! We took him out to lunch for his birthday and then caught up with my in-law’s for a little while. (Credit goes to my MIL Juj for pointing out this pretty house down the street, haha!) This time of year, the suburbs are a lot prettier than the city, where everything is dead and there are just bare brick buildings everywhere ?

Anyway–Shaheen is in town over the next couple of days (SO excited to have my bestie back!!) so I will be doing the crazy “try to get everything on your to-do list done while catching up with friends at the same time” dance. Wish me luck!!! 

Lace-up back bow sweater - Lord & Taylor

Miss Selfridge Faux Fur Trimmed CoatDesign Lab Zelma Faux Fur Trimmed Booties

Lace-up back bow sweater - Lord & Taylor

Design Lab Zelma Faux Fur Trimmed Booties

Thanks to Lord and Taylor for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% my own and thank you for supporting the brands that keep this blog going strong ❤️

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