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A transitional spring kimono

Apr 6, 2015

Kimono: TJ Maxx c/o (old, but this one is nearly identical, and love this one, this one and this one, too!) // Turtleneck: Forever 21 (old, but love this onethis one and this one!) // Jeans: Henry & Belle c/o //Booties: Dolce Vita (also very similar here) // Lipstick: Essence Cosmetics in Dare to Wear // Bag: Vera Bradley (also obsessed with this one!) 

Happy Monday! 

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was great! On Friday, Neal and I went to Parlor for a late-night dinner in the West Loop. (Fun fact side note: we can never seem to have our act together to go to dinner until 9pm at the earliest. This time we went at 11. What’s wrong with us?!) Have you been? I think it’s my new favorite pizza place. We went for the spicy pepperoni with an egg on top and it was basically like carb crack. So I was in heaven. 

Saturday involved lot’s of basketball (which I was not really that enthused about) and taco night (which I was VERY enthused about) and Sunday we celebrated Easter with Neal’s family, which was a blast, as usual. 

So, switching gears to the topic of today’s post, I’m really all about kimonos. Which is kind of a strange thing to be all about. But I think it’s because half of my wardrobe is secretly (or perhaps not secretly? You tell me) inspired by old ladies.

I also don’t like weather to stop me from wearing some of my favorite wardrobe items. As you can see, this was shot when it was snowing a couple weeks ago. And in order to make it suitable enough for volatile spring weather, I added a turtleneck and booties.

A kimono like this (which is black and more wintery as far as florals go) makes it perfect to wear all year round, vs my more springy kimonos, which I reserve for when the weather is actually nice. 

Also I have some exciting news to share slash want your opinion… 

I’m going to start making GG videos! 

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time, and this past week I pulled the trigger to buy a decent tripod and microphone. (Plus, now I’ve just announced it to you, so theres no going back now!)

Is there anything in particular you’d like to see? It can be about anything–from style, product reviews, beauty tutorials, a roundup of my favorite Mary Kate & Ashley movies–seriously, ANYTHING. 

What are you most interested in? I’d love love your feedback! Anytime you guys take the time to give me your opinion, it truly means the world to me. 

I hope you have a great start to your week! 

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