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Coffeeshop Cozy

Nov 5, 2014

Photos by the lovely Natalie Probst

A couple weeks ago, I got together for a coffee date with my friends Ashlei and Maya. We decided the only thing better than hiding out in a cozy little cafe when the weather gets chilly, is having a silly photoshoot in said cafe when the weather is chilly.

So obviously, we were grateful that Natalie was free that evening! And that Lovely Bake Shop closed at 6 but was kind enough to let us stay and finish our coffee (ahem…and our photoshoot).

Have you ever been to Lovely Bake Shop? It might be the cutest place you’ve ever seen. And I happen to think their coffee might be the best this side of I-90/94 (which is saying quite a lot).

So after that fabulous caffeine kicked in, you better believe things got a bit giggly. (Maya thinks she’s not a cute laugher, but I vehemently disagree.)

Anyway, I couldn’t help but love the melting pot of fall styles happening here.

You have Ashlei, in her ultra-cool-Parisian inspired look: essentially, how she took a graphic tee and made it the chicest thing you’ve ever seen. And Maya’s preppy-smart ensemble with a certain charm that can only be achieved by pairing classic tartan with incredible vintage-inspired jewels. Then, me rounding out the mix in a chunky, cozy sweater (the product of a recent Anthro binge) and super-girly leather bow. (I also didn’t get the “order the pretty cappuccino” memo, but luckily my friends at Lovely lent me a cute mason jar to compensate.)

What are you loving about fall right now?

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