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My Closet Makeover

Feb 23, 2015

If you remember my post from last week, you’ll know I’ve been working on cleaning out my closet and re-organizing it from top to bottom, thanks to the help of SOFI! It was a very long night, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! I never knew how great de-cluttering would make me feel!

Here’s what I learned, and how you can tackle your own closet, too!

1. Sort through every item you own, even your laundry

Get everything out in front of you at once. This involves spreading every article of clothing that you own all over your bedroom. If it doesn’t look like a bomb went off, you’re doing it wrong. (Kidding! Okay, maybe that’s just the route that I took) but regardless, make sure that you’re looking at everything at once. It’s much easier to decide to get rid of something when you have your entire closet in front of you. If you go through in smaller bundles, you’ll talk yourself into keeping more of it.

2. Invest in nice, uniform hangers

No matter how organized you are, your closet will never look neat if you have dozens of mismatched hangers! Ditch the plastic ones and invest in some nice velvet hangers, which also help keep things neat because items stay neatly in place, and don’t slide off. I love these leopard print ones that I bought on Amazon.

3. Keep only the pieces that you love

If you have to hesitate for more than half a second to decide if you’re keeping something, toss it. If you’re having trouble, read these 7 questions you should be asking yourself while cleaning out your closet. I got rid of 6 whole garbage bags of clothes! I even cleaned out my junk drawer and found 2 iPod mini’s and a pink Nikon Coolpix camera that I haven’t used since the Hawk’s won the cup in 2010. I know, because I found the video on it to prove it. (That’s embarrassing.)

Decide between throwing away, donating, and selling. I kept a decent amount of clothes in my “selling” pile. I’m not sure I have it in me to list them on eBay myself, but after reading this, I’m going to give it a try!  For donations, there is always the Salvation Army (who will come pick up your stuff!) or if you’re in Chicago, My Favorite Outfit is a great non-profit that partners with Chicago schools and community centers to build Pop-Up Boutiques where girls are presented with handpicked clothing as well as a volunteer to help style her. Each girl is allowed to choose two full outfits (six items) per visit, and they’re always looking for donations!

4. Invest in decent storage

My closet is a very underwhelming space. It’s extremely shallow, and very small. It only has one shelf, which was terribly under utilized until these SOFI bins came along. I love that they come in a bunch of different shapes but are all uniform, and they go a long way in improving the look of my closet overall. So much better than those yucky plastic bins I’ve been using for years!

They come in a bunch of different sizes, from the SOFI Hex Box, perfect for storing scarves, to the SOFI Brix BoxSOFI Brix Box , to store my shorts (those go up top, since they won’t get much use for awhile!) and the SOFI Zipper ToteSOFI Zipper Tote, Small which was a perfect size to store my tee shirts (I couldn’t let go of all my old Indiana and Kilroy’s tee shirts!) I also loved that it zips down, making it super easy to find what I’m looking for without having to rifle through and mess up the stacks. 

I also thought the SOFI Rax Bin was the perfect solution for storing my clutches and purses. I had never quite figured out a place for them. It seemed weird to hang them, but they would always fall off they top of those ugly plastic drawers I had. Now they have a place (yay!) I used one of my roomy clutches to store my belts inside the bin as well, so I don’t have to worry about them falling off my hangers! Also, I found the Brix Box SOFI Brix Bin was perfect for storing bulky sweaters (however, you’ll want to hang the more delicate ones, as they wrinkle easily!) 

TIP: Roll up your belts and store in a roomy clutch to save hanging and drawer space!

5. Color Coordinate

I found that color coordinating my hanging my items made a huge difference in the way my closet looked. I also usually get dressed based on my mood, often knowing what colors I’d like to gravitate toward even before I open my closet doors, so doing this makes it much easier to get dressed in the morning.

As strange as this sounds, eliminating 70% of my closet has given me way more options when it comes to getting dressed. Before, the clutter was clouding my ability to be creative with my wardrobe. Now I feel like I have so many more options to work with, and each item in my wardrobe is something I really love. 

Do you have any other tips for organizing? What has worked well for you?

This post is sponsored by SOFIproducts.com. All opinions are my own. 

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