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5 Classic Spring Items You’ll Be Excited To Wear Again and Again

Mar 29, 2016


With spring finally around the corner (some days, unless you live in Chicago–then it’s a crap shoot!) I’m feeling confident in putting away my sweaters and pulling out my go-to spring essentials. (And shopping for new ones, when needed–of course.) 

Now, before we jump into the whole “5 spring essentials” schtick, I’m also going to be honest for a second. This may come as a shock to you, but I’m not really into fashion trends.  When I read articles like this one (barf), they make me want to pull my hair out. Building a wardrobe is work–so why on earth would you buy something that is going to look ridiculous in six months? (Let’s be honest, “trends” like embroidered track jackets and culottes look absolutely ridiculous now–so think of how silly they’ll looking back at photos in 5 years!) 

Sure, I’ve developed a deep obsession with the popular lace-up flats and off the shoulder dresses, but when it comes to wearing all the “it” trends of spring, I don’t pay much attention. I dress for myself–I focus on what makes me happy and feel beautiful, not what is or isn’t in style. Getting dressed is a form of creativity, so let’s not let “trend” parameters define what we should or shouldn’t put on just because someone else thinks they’re cool–right? 

So, that being said–I have good news: there are plenty of classic spring staples that won’t require you to hop on the BS trend bandwagon. Maybe you have several of these already–yay! I hope you get as much joy pulling them out of that “spring” storage box as I do. Is your wardrobe lacking one or a couple of ’em? I’ve included plenty of shopping options (at several price points) should you wish to stock up. 

So, let’s jump in and talk favorite classic spring go-to’s shall we? 



1. Flat Espadrilles 


Flat espadrilles are my go-to spring flat. They’re like sneakers, but keep your feet much cooler–it’s almost like being barefoot. They can slip on in about two seconds flat (ha! See what I did there?) and just give your look that warm weather effortless vibe you haven’t been able to pull off in months. I love that some versions are more of a lace-up d’orsay, while others are classic slip-ons. Either way, you can’t go wrong. (Oh, also, chambray with pineapples.)

Shop Espadrilles: 

2. Raw edge denim 


As you may have seen in this post, I recently purchased some new jeans (something I haven’t done in YEARS to be honest) from Madewell. They’re light colored, just the right amount of distressed (they have some minimal holes in the knees) and my favorite part–the hem at the bottom is raw. 

I think the raw hem factor adds a tiny hint of edge to a classic outfit. Enough to make it not just classic or preppy–but totally amazing. My style is classic with a little bit of a twist, and these are the ultimate weapon in accomplishing that. Think slightly sweet with a hint of spice. 

Shop Raw Hem Jeans: 


3. The Silk Camisole

Black Silk Camisole–5 Classic Items To Wear This Spring

One of my favorite spring/summer outfits is a classic, black or navy silk camisole with slightly distressed jeans and heels. Remember what I said about the whole raw edge jeans thing mixing with classic items to create the perfect outfit? Same thing here! A silk cami is one of the most versatile things you can own in warm weather–wear it with shorts and flats during the day, pair it with a skirt and heels and you can wear it to a wedding. It’s also a great travel staple for that very reason. 

Shop silk cami’s: 




 4 The Boater Hat 


I’ve never a girl that wears a lot of hats, although I can’t really put my finger on why! Fedoras never looked quite right on me, and although I love floppy hats, they just aren’t really that practical to wear out and about around the city. One hat I am really excited to try this spring though, is the boater hat. It’s simple, chic, with a flat brim, and a dose of European style. 

Shop Boater Hats: 


5. The Leather Jacket 


My favorite item in my closet is without a doubt my leather jacket. In the winter months, it’s far too cold to wear, so I always look forward to warmer months when I can finally wear it out and about again!

My mom purchased mine for me as a gift when I studied abroad in Italy. She came to visit me for a week in Florence and we went shopping in the leather market together. It’s one of my favorite memories with her, and it gives me so much joy every time I put it on! It’s a buttery soft jacket in a classic silhouette with just a tiny hint of moto qualities. In a word, it’s perfect. 

I love classic leather jackets in brown and black, but it’s always fun to go with a different color–dark forest green and blush (obsessed with this one!) are both amazing color choices for leather jackets, yet still remain neutral enough to go with almost everything in your closet! 

Shop Leather Jackets: 

What spring items are you most excited to wear? 

Photo credits: main12345 


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