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Christmas Morning PJ’s

Dec 16, 2015


PJ pants: c/o Gap Factory // Cheers! Sweater: c/o Gap Factory // Coupe Glasses: Vintage, but love this set with gold polka dots! // Tray: DIY’ed with fabric from Minted.com

As a kid, Christmas “Jammies” (aka pajamas) as they were called in my house, were a big deal. They involved my Granny sewing me several variations of flannel tartan nightgowns with extravagant lace detailing throughout the years when I was young, and ripping open matching PJ pant sets and bathrobes when I got older. Each year, you could put money on the fact that the one present you got to open on Christmas Eve would be a pair of Christmas pajamas. 

Now, nobody really gives me Christmas pajamas anymore, but I still feel like it’s important to carry on the tradition! (Except now, I start wearing them in November!) And although Neal [sadly] won’t be at home with me for Christmas this year, I thought it was important to get him in on the tradition, too! (Is there anything cuter than a cute boy in a pair of flannel PJ’s? I think not!) There are few things I love more than snuggling up in cozy clothing with coffee or a mimosa. 

So this year, I ordered our PJ’s from Gap Factory. If there’s one thing I refuse to spend a ton of money on, it’s pajamas, am I right? You don’t even wear them in public! (Okay, usually. Hehe.) They have a some great comfy-cozy options for both guys and girls, perfect for Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, and well into the months where it’s far too warm to wear cozy pajamas. Be sure to shop all our favorites below! 

IMG_0195IMG_0193IMG_0249IMG_0182IMG_0213IMG_0174IMG_0255IMG_0175 IMG_0223IMG_0210IMG_0153

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Do you have a Christmas PJ tradition of your own? What is it? I’d love to know!

Big thanks to Gap Factory, a brand I love, for sponsoring this post, and thank you for supporting the brands that help support GG! 

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